Weight loss protein diet

Pros and cons of a protein diet to lose weight

Weight loss A nutritious and delicious protein diet is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. It works quickly and effectively, combined with regular physical exercise, you can get rid of three to five kilograms of excess fat and tighten muscles within a week.

Reduce weight through protein diet

The most important thing is to substantially limit carbohydrate intake within a period of time, reduce fat intake, and make protein food the basis of daily diet. The secret of chronic lack of hunger in this diet is high protein content.

Why is a protein diet effective? The answer is simple. In our daily diet, carbohydrates dominate, and our bodies absorb energy from them. When carbohydrates in the diet are almost lost, it is protein that becomes a source of energy. Lack of carbohydrates will force the body to break down subcutaneous fat. Protein actively drives water, so the weight of water is also greatly reduced.

Protein food consumes more energy than light carbohydrate food. The increase in digestive energy expenditure once again increases the effectiveness of the protein diet.

Those who oppose diet believe that large amounts of protein may be harmful to health. Fans can be sure: if you follow all the rules and do not exceed the permitted period of using the protein program, there will be no adverse effects on the body, but the weight will actually be reduced.

The main rules of protein weight loss diet

To make protein weight loss as effective as possible without causing harm, you should strictly abide by the following basic rules:

  • Do not use canned food, pickles, marinades, semi-finished products;
  • The essence and rules of a protein diet for weight loss
  • Completely give up all carbohydrate products: flour products, confectionery products, pasta, cereals, starches and very sweet vegetables and fruits (potatoes, corn, bananas, grapes, figs), fatty dairy products and yogurt products (Sour cream, cream);
  • Does not include alcohol and sugary carbonated drinks;
  • In order to reduce the burden on the kidneys, the kidneys are forced to remove a lot of protein food rot products from the body. You must strictly observe the drinking habits: drink at least half a liter a day, or preferably two liters of pure non-mineral water without gas;
    Four meals a day are more effective for weight loss than three meals a day. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the principle of phased nutrition in the diet.
  • Servings should not exceed 250-300 grams;
  • At least two hours before bedtime, you should stop eating. In this case, it is best to drink plenty of water before six o'clock in the evening.
  • For weight loss, it is very important not to exceed 180 grams of protein, and to follow a separate calorie channel. For some people, it is enough to reduce the calorie content by a hundred calories, while others can lose weight perfectly while adhering to the usual energy "weight" in daily food. In any case, the calorie content in the daily diet should not be higher than 15, 000 calories.

You should not eat more than two eggs a day, otherwise it will increase cholesterol levels and cause serious illness. Egg yolks are particularly dangerous, and the amount of egg whites can be increased if needed.

Protein foods are easier to digest with green vegetables. This feature cannot be ignored: in this way, you can greatly promote your body's work during the eating process.

Key points

What can you eat? Any food with high protein content: meat (preferably lean meat: beef, veal, rabbit), any fish, eggs, poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), skimmed milk and kefir, natural yogurt. Together with them, the human body should get fiber from raw and stewed vegetables. Lettuce, any cabbage, radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers are ideal for a protein diet.

For cooking meat and vegetables, we recommend not using meat for boiling and roasting (for example, in a slow cooker or aluminum foil). Frying should be avoided: this will increase the calorie content and reduce the protein quality. Limit the amount of salt (it's useless if there is no additional burden on the kidneys), and seasoning food with condiments and lemon juice is good.

No matter how happy the results are (weight loss will be carried out soon), under no circumstances should you eat this way for more than a month! You can only repeat the diet after four months so that the body can recover from the protein attack. Long-term unbalanced diet is very dangerous, so you cannot violate the allowed time period.

Protein diet is very suitable for healthy young people. It is strictly forbidden to use protein programs for people suffering from kidney, intestinal, liver, and vascular diseases, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, adolescents and people over 60.

Protein diet menu this week

Sample protein diet menu for weight loss

Diet for one week. The suggested menu is approximate. You can adjust your diet according to your needs and track its calorie content. Despite eating four meals a day, you can still enjoy a pre-dinner snack in the form of lettuce leaves, a glass of kefir, a piece of cheese or a hors d’oeuvre two hours before bed.


    < breakfast >: 100 grams of cheese with a fat content of not more than 2% (no added sugar), green tea. < Second breakfast: 30 grams of cheese, eggs (soaked or cooked).
  • Lunch: 200 grams of cooked beef slices (you can cook veal or other lean meat), plus a handful of chopped cabbage and a spoonful of canned peas and vegetable oil (150 grams).
  • Dinner: a slice of steamed fish and tomato slices (200 grams of each product).


  • Breakfast: boiled eggs, salad of any green vegetables and a spoonful of oil (150 grams).
  • Second breakfast: a cup of low-fat cheese and a spoonful of natural yogurt.
  • Lunch: broccoli boiled fish or grilled fish (the total weight of the dish is 250 grams).
  • Dinner: 200 grams of boiled chicken (diet chicken breast is best), two tomatoes and a slice of cheese.


  • Breakfast: Spring salad, half of tomatoes, the other half of cucumber and sour cream, and a boiled egg.
  • The second breakfast: 30 grams of nuts and coffee.
  • Lunch: 200 grams of chicken, lettuce.
  • Dinner: 200 grams of beef stew and lentil garnish (100 grams of cooked grain).


  • Breakfast: two egg omelettes, a cup of kefir.
  • The second breakfast: 100 grams of stewed zucchini, 150 grams of stewed or boiled chicken.
  • Lunch: beef (200 grams), a tomato.
  • Dinner: a cup of low-fat cheese.


  • Breakfast: three tablespoons of oatmeal (no oil).
  • The second breakfast: boiled eggs, a piece of cheese.
  • Lunch: Boiled chicken breast (150g) and decorated with beans (100g).
  • : a portion of lean pork (not more than 200 grams) and a plate of stewed cabbage.


    < breakfast >: part of cooked turkey and green peas side dishes (total weight does not exceed 250 grams).
  • The second breakfast: a cup of low-fat cheese and a spoonful of honey.
  • Lunch: cooked lean meat, light vegetable salad, seasoned with butter or yogurt.
  • Dinner: a part of fish and a side dish of grilled zucchini (total weight does not exceed 250 grams).


  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with water in two eggs and tomato juice.
  • The second breakfast: a mixture of 50 grams of nuts and coffee.
  • Lunch: meat or vegetable soup, chopped chicken and chopped herbs.
  • Dinner: part of rabbit meat cooked in sour cream sauce and herbs.

How to get rid of eating habits

If you have desires and strength, you can continue to lose weight through a protein diet for another three weeks. In this case, you can taboo something for yourself once a week (Saturday or Sunday): waffles, candies, cakes. This will help avoid breakdown, and the carbohydrate "load" will shake the body.

The time it takes to leave the protein diet is the same as the duration of the restriction. In the early stages, you need to gradually introduce the "right" carbohydrates into your diet: cereals, whole wheat bread, fruits, and a few dried fruits. Please pay attention to small meals and drink one and a half liters of water.

Advantages and disadvantages

The protein diet has its advantages and disadvantages. As long as you follow all dietary rules, you can surely lose weight. Other benefits include:

    There are many kinds of
  • in the diet. It is difficult to lose weight on a single diet because you will soon get tired of the same products.
  • Diet helps to remove excess water, which means it can make the skin more elastic and fat can be removed (special massage required);
  • Allows you to cope with high-intensity exercise;
  • can be used not only to lose weight, but also to increase muscle mass.

Disadvantages of protein weight loss plan:

  • Low fiber content can cause constipation.
  • Protein foods are expensive.
  • Sweet lovers may suffer from depression.

Unbalanced diet is unhealthy. To reduce the risk, you must take a multivitamin complex within a week (or a month).

Protein Diet Review

Eating protein products can reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat without training and feeling hungry. By using a low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet, it is possible to significantly improve appearance without going to the gym. We only adhered to this diet for 5 days. In other words, for nearly a week, only protein was used for breakfast, dinner and lunch, so the muscles became more expressive and healthy.

It is recommended not to eat this way for more than a week. Even if it has been 5 days, it is best to only eat protein for about 3 days, and then change the diet as recommended in the Ducan diet.