Effective diet to treat pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a very unpleasant disease, accompanied by severe abdominal pain. Improper diet, drinking problems, hormone medications and many other causes can be the cause of pancreatic inflammation. The disease most often appears suddenly. The initial attack is easy to stop, but it should be awakened and you should carefully adjust your usual eating habits. What do you eat for pancreatitis? In the article, we will provide you with a detailed diet and diet for the disease.

The main ingredients of the diet

Nutritional rules for pancreatitis

Many people are used to dieting easily and are often irresponsible. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to make up for the lost time and eat after a month of proper nutrition. However, a good pancreatitis diet is very important for successful treatment. It is very easy to create a menu that meets all requirements. The main thing to remember is that you should consume small amounts of food about 5 times a day. However, before rushing to clean the refrigerator, you should treat on an empty stomach for 2-3 days. At the same time, you can only drink warm mineral water without gas. This is necessary so that as the disease progresses, the enzyme becomes aggressive, does not interfere with the pancreas and does not cause pain.

Approved and non-recommended products

If you exclude the following foods to prevent pancreatitis, then your diet will only improve and relieve pain:

  • All high-fat foods, including broth.
  • Meat by-products, semi-finished products and smoked meat.
  • Carbonated beverages, including kvass, as well as strong tea, coffee and cocoa.
  • Any canned food.
  • Candies, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, hard candies, and chocolate.
  • Rye bread.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Fatty acid cream and yogurt.
  • Glazed tofu sticks.
  • Turnip, turnip.
  • Spinach, sorrel.
  • Alcohol.
  • Fast food chain products.
  • Herbs and spices.
  • Potato chips, biscuits, etc.
Diet must treat pancreatitis

The list is very impressive, but there are not many edible foods:

  • Boiled and stewed vegetables other than those listed above. You can also eat steamed vegetables.
  • Lean meat or lean fish, meat, poultry.
  • Except for millet, all grains are cooked with water or milk.
  • Vegetable soup without garlic and onion.
  • Milk soup.
  • Jam, marshmallow, marshmallow and biscuits.
  • A small amount of jammed paper.
  • Non-flavored and non-acid dairy cheese.
  • Steamed omelet and casserole.
  • Grated or roasted non-acid apples.
  • Boil vermicelli or noodles.
  • is ​​not fresh wheat bread.

Sample menu of pancreatitis

1 day

  • Steamed egg omelet;
  • Applesauce
  • Chicken and foil vegetables
  • Marshmallow and low-fat cheese tea
  • Curd Casserole

2 days

  • Milk rice soup
  • Fruit jelly
  • Boiled buckwheat and pike sea bass fillets
  • Carrot patties
  • Fruit Salad

Now you know what to eat to treat pancreatitis. As you can see, the food for this disease is varied and delicious. It is important that this diet is based on proper and healthy nutrition. Therefore, the pancreatitis diet described in detail above will help maintain a slim figure without stressing the body. If overweight is observed, it can reduce about 5 kg per month.