Proper nutritious diet to reduce weight

Proper nutritional basis for weight loss

In most people's subconscious minds, a healthy diet is obviously related to water and lettuce. All doctors agree that a healthy diet is the most reasonable measure not only for overweight, but also for many diseases. Maybe there is still a piece of boiled chicken breast still attached to this still life. But even then-during the holidays. And the reason is not even that some people think that proper nutrition is a diet that needs to be endured, except that it has a longer cycle than others. The word "correct" immediately cuts off all the benefits and harms in some way, making the body bear the pressure in advance. But in fact, everything is not so sad. And to ensure this, it is worth your own thorough research on a properly nutritious diet. Everyone is familiar with the basic principles, although they are not always complete. Refreshing the memory and browsing them at a glance will not be redundant.

The basis of proper nutrition

The basic principles of good nutrition are as follows:

  • Water mode. This day is almost the most basic, because it starts and ends with water. According to the rules of healthy eating, every morning, after getting up, you need to drink a glass or two of plain water. This can improve intestinal peristalsis, remove toxins from the body and toxins accumulated overnight, and start the digestion process. Therefore, it awakens hunger. In addition, since cold water can negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, warm water is needed. Especially the liver, gallbladder and high acidity problems. During the day, I drank half to two liters of purified water, excluding herbal tea, coffee and juice. It is recommended to drink a glass of warm water before each meal. This will make you eat less and less.
  • In a properly nutritious diet, always prioritize fiber-rich non-starchy vegetables and fruits and grains. They have a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract, enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements, and affect many systems. When ingested and swelled, fiber provides a quick and long-term sense of fullness and gently cleanses the intestines. In addition, the carbohydrates in vegetables, fruits and grains are easily digested without causing a sudden increase in blood insulin, which makes them almost to be consumed, even with obesity and sugar levels.
  • Food should be steamed or stewed. It is best to bake in the oven, on the grill or on aluminum foil, without adding butter, mayonnaise or other fats in the form of sour cream. Don't fry this is not because of the calorie content of the dishes but the load of the liver and pancreas. Season the salad with olive or walnut oil. But it is best to use lemon juice or natural low-fat yogurt for this purpose-up to 5%.
  • You should not deny your sweetness, but this sweetness must be right. In the weight loss diet, chocolate may be present, but only dark chocolate, which contains more than 75% cocoa. And should be used sparingly in the morning. However, from this delicacy, it is best to use marshmallows in applesauce or natural fruit jam without chemical additives. Again-before lunch and with a clear dose. Fat cakes, cream cakes, chocolate ice cream and caramel cakes have nothing to do with the correct way to lose weight.
  • The
  • part also needs to be controlled. No one will take you to the chopping board to get 200 grams of boiled meat instead of 100 grams. However, even if the first, second and candied fruit are completely natural, they will never affect the weight loss process in the best way. Ideally, the plate is fullest at lunch, breakfast is less, and dinner is much less or equal.
  • For snacks, you should choose an appropriately nutritious diet. These snacks include vegetables and fruits, nuts, cheese, and dairy products with low fat content and no kilograms of chemical additives. Snacks are not required every hour, but only during the break between meals, which lasts more than three hours.

Appropriate nutrition and diet for one week and one day

An example of a nutritional menu for weight loss

In order to clearly illustrate how the final daily and weekly menus will be constructed according to the above principles, you should sketch out the correct diet for the day. And also explain how often certain products are consumed during a week, because the proper nutritious diet calculated for a week is not significantly different from the daily diet. Therefore, there is no need to discuss all 7 days in detail.


Be sure to drink a cup or two of warm water and wait fifteen to twenty minutes. Then there are three options: the main choice is oatmeal or polenta with milk or water, and honey to taste. Raisins and dried apricots can be used as natural sources of fructose. You can also add fresh fruit.

The second is herbal tea, boiled eggs, crispbread and a layer of cheese. Thin crisp bread can be replaced with grain bread.

The third is cheese or natural yogurt like porridge, flavored with honey or fruit. This breakfast is designed to stimulate energy, start digestion and increase energy.


The main requirement for lunch is fullness. In addition, meals should be hot drinks and running water twice a week. The frequency of consumption of this soup is sufficient for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. They can be cooked in meat, vegetable or fish soup.

Another option for lunch is stewed meat or steamed meat. It is not recommended to eat more than twice a week. The ideal side dish is fresh or steamed vegetables and grains.

The third option is boiled or mashed potatoes, or pasta made from durum wheat. Supplemented with vegetables. Do not eat this type of food multiple times every 7 days. As a result, at least under ideal circumstances, the proper nutritious diet for a week at lunch has been changed. Three days of soup-vegetables, fish or poultry, two days of meat, two days of potatoes or pasta. They alternate perfectly with each other.


Dinner is the lightest food, but it is still nutritious, so you can't just eat an apple. By the way, it is best to eat this fruit in the morning: it activates the digestive process. At night, they need to slow down.

  • Option 1: Steamed fish, cucumber and tomato salad, seasoned with lemon juice.
  • Option 2: Stewed vegetables.
  • Option 3: Low-fat cheese, which can be flavored with honey and cinnamon, or mixed with citrus fruits.

You can drink kefir or other fermented milk beverages before going to bed, but they must be natural. Yogurt does not add fruit and one kilogram of sugar.

Such a correct and fast daily diet requires personal perfection and is only limited by the imagination of the creator. After all, even grains are not only suitable for porridge: you can use them to make cutlets and casseroles. Fish can be used as the basis for making delicate souffles, while delicious smoothies are made from vegetables. As a result, any proper nutritionally clear diet during the day is just an example, worth mentioning, not a limitation of imagination.