According to the latest scientific data, what are the most modern and effective ways to lose weight?

Effective ways to lose weight are not always the most common. Usually, as a panacea, we will receive various diets, active exercises, body wraps, baths and saunas. Unfortunately, these weight loss methods did not work. They allow you to lose weight in a short period of time, after which the weight will return safely and take away some extra weight.

Why obesity occurs

Most of us believe that being overweight comes from overeating. This is true to a certain extent, but there are some underlying reasons. Doctors recommend that obesity be regarded as a disease and professional treatments should be adopted.

Science explains the appearance of overweight by the fact that the energy obtained from food is not completely consumed by the body but is deposited in fat cells. There are two types of obesity: hypertrophic obesity and hypertrophic obesity. For the latter, the size of fat cells will increase, but their number will not change. In the hyperplastic type, the number of fat cells will increase from birth. The doctor attributed this to a genetic abnormality.

According to different reasons, the appearance of overweight is:

  • diet. Obesity is caused by overeating and insufficient physical activity. Usually used for people over 50 years old, and more for women. Binge eating is due to the mediocre habit of overeating at night, due to sedentary work, overeating under the influence of stress and boredom. Sometimes, if parents try to feed them high-calorie foods more frequently, children will also develop bad habits. Some adults understand eating high-fat foods as a healthy diet. The habit of lying down after lunch can also lead to overweight.
  • Hypothalamic obesity is the result of diseases in the hypothalamic region of the brain. He is responsible for appetite and hormone production. The thyroid gland slows down and the adrenal glands work a lot. Hormonal disorders occur. A person is constantly feeling hungry and craving for food.
  • endocrine. Weight gain is caused by disorders of the endocrine system (thyroid and pancreas, pituitary gland, and gonads). Due to hormonal imbalance, metabolism is disturbed. Useful compounds will not be absorbed by the body, patients will feel hungry, and excess food will be deposited in fat cells.
Overweight with weight loss

For hypothalamus and endocrine obesity, only diet and exercise are essential. You need to consult a neurologist and endocrinologist to develop a treatment plan. Because of the high rate of overweight, they take surgical intervention to remove excess fat, gastric bypass surgery, etc.

When overweight occurs due to the habit of overeating, unreasonable unbalanced diet, and low physical activity, diet and exercise can be used. If the patient cannot pull himself together and change the regime, he needs the control of doctors and psychologists.

When choosing weight loss methods, remember that not all popular methods are effective. Some do not work, and even have a negative impact on health. Consider which method will not help you lose weight.

Unproductive ways to lose weight

Let's talk about popular weight loss methods, which have become a tradition for people with little knowledge. These methods are regarded as an axiom. But recent research proves that they don't work. If they produce temporary results, then they will harm health.


There is a belief: if you eat less, you will definitely lose weight. If the cause of obesity is only overeating, then this method works in part. Then you really have to reduce the weight.

If a person eats a little, but continues to gain weight, fasting will not help. Scientists have confirmed that strict calorie restriction will cause the body to slow down its metabolism and store nutrients more actively. Our body sees fasting as an emergency mode because it does not know our intention to lose weight.

If you rarely or even switch to liquids for a long period of time, you can lose weight. But health conditions will deteriorate, weakness, memory impairment, and attention will appear. Dizziness and fainting are possible.

In addition, there is evidence that after such stress, the body's metabolism will slow down for a whole year. Is it worth the risk?

In order to prove the adverse effects of prolonged fasting, 11 obese patients fasted for 12 to 117 days (1). Only water and vitamins are consumed. Complications that occurred during fasting were: severe hypotension (3 cases), anemia (1 case), and gouty arthritis (2 cases).

After receiving food, all the negative effects disappeared, but a large amount of protein and potassium in the body are lost. Experts do not recommend long-term fasting for people with a history of coronary heart disease or brain disease, gout or liver disease.

Increase physical activity

Moderate physical exercise can help you lose weight. But there is no need to work out in the gym all day. Four sets of 10-minute stationary bikes burn 35% more calories than full-day training.

Can't eat at night

Experiments at the Cambridge Dorn Nutrition Center have proven that our bodies do not store nutrients over time. How many calories you consume in a day is important. You may not eat in the morning and lunch time, but eat snacks at night, and you will lose weight at the same time.

It is best not to eat greasy food at night: it is difficult to digest, and the body has no time to use the energy gained. But protein foods will be good. She will satisfy hunger for a long time and provide energy in the morning.

Don't eat greasy food

Not all fats are harmful to the body. There are some healthy foods that are high in fat (fish, vegetable oil, nuts) that the body needs to function properly. They contain fatty acids. Without fatty acids, the brain cannot function.

Dietitian and junk food to lose weight

Avoid foods that are high in fat but high in carbohydrates (baked goods, candy, bread). Glucose is quickly stored in the body in the form of fat. Such products are only suitable for high-intensity exercise and have nothing to do with obese people.

Studies have confirmed that people who get calories from high-fat foods every day, instead of getting calories from carbohydrates, stay in shape longer. There is even such a fatty diet-the ketogenic diet or the keto diet, which is used in medical centers to treat epilepsy.

Eating out and drinking sugar-sweetened beverages may be another factor leading to weight gain. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to this obesity. In order to determine how this hypothesis fits with reality, a year-long study was conducted.

The results were disappointing: Compared with non-obese children and adolescents, obese children and adolescents did consume more meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, and potato chips, which resulted in higher calorie, fat, and sugar intake.

Eat more protein to lose weight

This fact is only partially correct. Eating more protein while reducing carbohydrates can help you lose weight. But you cannot stick to this diet for more than 2 weeks.

The prospective (factual) study involved 43, 396 Swedish women aged 30-49. The patients completed an extensive questionnaire survey and were followed up for an average of 15. 7 years.

Therefore, scientists have found that regular consumption of a high-protein diet regardless of the nature of carbohydrates (complex/refined) or protein sources (plants/animals) is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The body needs carbohydrates to digest food. Without them, acetone levels will rise, which can cause fainting and even coma. Excessive protein can cause kidney damage. After a long protein diet, you may be hospitalized for kidney failure or other diseases.

Sauna, hot compress to melt fat

This assumption is an absolute myth. As the body warms, excess fluid will be released along with toxins and toxins. After the operation, the person feels very light, and the weight scale may be slightly reduced. But this only happens due to the elimination of excess liquid. These methods have no effect on fat cells.

These methods are popular because they are easy to implement at home. But their results are temporary and questionable.

Proven factors affecting weight loss

Scientists’ recent research has determined the most effective way to lose weight. Some experiments were carried out on mice, while others proved their rationality in human experiments. Here is the most effective.

Restore circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm refers to fluctuations in physical activity throughout the day. In particular, the processing of consumer products is highly dependent on lighting and its spectrum.

Test on 2 groups of mice. They live under the same conditions. One group ate wrong, and the second group ate according to the biological rhythm. The first group is recovering quickly. It is recommended that people who want to lose weight eat at the same time every day and avoid eating dinner after sunset. But everyone has their own rhythm.

Another human study showed that sleep disorders related to lifestyle can lead to increased body fat and impaired metabolism. The causality of these associations has not been clarified.

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day

Insufficient sleep is directly related to obesity. The risk of weight gain increases by 89% in children and 55% in adults. Lack of sleep can lead to hunger, which is related to the production of appetite hormones. Poor sleep and frequent waking up at night due to stress can also have a negative impact on metabolism.

Drink plenty of water

Nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day. They explain this recommendation by the fact that water can suppress hunger. But its function is different. Studies have shown that water promotes the growth of fibroblasts. They accelerate energy expenditure and burn brown fat. Water can also stimulate metabolism, allowing you to burn an extra 100 calories during the day.

Drink water to lose weight

Consume more oxygen

Recent studies in the West have confirmed that people with high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood are obese. Modern people spend more time indoors, where the carbon dioxide content is high.

After inhalation, the pH of the blood will decrease. The acidity of the cerebrospinal fluid increases. Hypothalamic cells responsible for appetite increase activity. As a result, appetite increases and energy expenditure decreases.

The more you walk in the fresh air, the greater your chances of losing weight.

Dieting leads to overeating

The British Nutrition Foundation conducted an experiment under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Branstorm. Participants were provided with 18 foods, indicating their calorie content, and asked to determine how much food they needed to satisfy their hunger pangs. Need more low-calorie foods. As a result, participants can no longer control themselves. These parts are large and binge eating has occurred.

Eating well is important. You don't have to eat only low-calorie foods. You can eat anything, but consider the calories burned.

Eating more foods that promote fat burning will be more effective and safer.

Lean protein

Scientists have recently made an amazing discovery. In mouse experiments, BP3 was found, which affected the reduction of cancerous tumor growth. In the process of research, it was found that the introduction of protein contributes to the rapid burning of fat. Scientists are now studying whether protein can be used as a weight loss drug and whether it has side effects.

Although there are many ways to lose weight, proper nutrition is still the main thing. If you eat too much for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, following the circadian rhythm, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a drinking habit will not help.

Nutritionists and endocrinologists recommend formulating a diet so that it contains all the necessary nutrients and the optimal amount of calories. Therefore, BZHU's balance sheet stands out.

The above facts show that: emergency weight loss through fasting is only temporary. It ended up with overeating and weight gain. It is best to adhere to moderate physical activity, a balanced diet, and a lifestyle according to biological rhythms. Then losing weight is much easier.

If you are obese due to visceral disease or hormonal imbalance, you need to see a doctor. He will choose the best diet and prescribe a treatment plan. It is impossible to choose your own diet if you have serious medical conditions.