How to start losing weight: motivation, the basis for proper nutrition

Weight loss seems to be just a series of activities related to dietary restrictions and regular physical exercise. However, without the right motivation and process organization, the desired success will not be achieved. You need to follow certain rules, but taking care of your morale and personal characteristics (age, gender, health and baseline parameters) is equally important. Before starting to lose weight, it is best to consult a doctor.

Where to start

It is necessary to lose weight on your own from home and make a firm decision to completely change your life. To "mature", you can get help:

  • Detailed analysis of the current state of the body and all the consequences arising therefrom;
  • Difficult situations will become motivation (ridicule or criticize others, serious health problems, family breakdown);
  • Inspired by someone's example of successfully losing weight.

It’s best not to encounter difficult situations and start a new life through analysis, but to use other people’s stories as an additional motivation.


Honest answers to the following questions will help you analyze your current health status:

  1. Am I satisfied with my life? Do I spend time in my own way?
  2. Do I like my appearance? Are my clothes beautiful?
  3. Is my weight psychologically comfortable? What kind of complex do I have due to weight gain? How does this affect my communication with the opposite sex? Am I worried that my loved one will leave someone who is more attractive or deceives me?
  4. Do I envy healthy people?
  5. How does being overweight affect my health (shortness of breath, cardiovascular diseases, joint and other body system diseases).
  6. What will happen to my life when I try to lose weight and get a beautiful body?

After getting these detailed answers (preferably in written form-for the visualization and systemization of thoughts), you need to ask yourself a main question: What am I going to do to lose weight and qualitativelyTo change your life to become better?

Goal settings

Once you have identified the lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight, you need to set the right goals: primary and medium.

Examples of main goals:

  • Lose 20 kilograms in one year, become more beautiful and more confident;
  • Fundamentally change thinking, occupation and habits, reduce excess weight;
  • Improve health through weight loss;
  • Get rid of food addiction;
  • Through healthy diet and exercise, you can get a beautiful body within one year.

The main goal can include all the points listed. It is very important that it must be global, and its core must not only have an ideal weight loss, but also significantly improve life.

At the same time, it is very important not to go to extremes and not plan to lose a lot of pounds in a short time. It is unrealistic to achieve such a goal through proper weight loss. The lack of results may negatively affect the morale of weight loss and cause the body to collapse.


Finding the right motivation is one of the most difficult problems in losing weight. You can start losing weight and take the first step in a new life with this emotional impulse:

  • General photos, you can clearly see how bad a person looks in the background of his colleagues/relatives/friends;
  • An example of a familiar or unfamiliar person. With the help of a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, they successfully become slim and healthy people;
  • Strict instructions from doctors and serious health threats caused by poor health;
  • Serious setbacks in personal life related to extra weight.

After such a push, it is very important to find the inner strength instead of breaking down and continue the transformation enthusiastically. The psychology of many people is that when they get their first result, they believe they can afford something. Recommendations from nutritionists and psychologists on how to properly motivate yourself not to give up and move on:

  1. Consider the huge material rewards a person will receive for achieving the ultimate goal.
  2. Regardless of whether you are on a scale or not, while following your diet and exercise habits, you must get small gifts and rewards every week to reward yourself. In the first few days of weight loss, especially when it is difficult for you to give up your usual lifestyle.
  3. Weigh no more than once a week. In order to obtain more objective data, please consider the measured value in centimeters.
  4. Through excessive weight and related restrictions, there are a variety of leisure activities that could not be performed before: dance classes, shopping, going to the beauty salon, and going to the circle.
  5. I praise myself for everything I do every day, from getting up on time to doing a good exercise.
  6. Find inspirational phrases and stories every day, write them in your notebook, and hang them in a prominent place in your apartment or house.
  7. Expand your social circle with like-minded people, you can meet in the gym and weight loss community. It is very important that the people around you are "at the same wavelength" in weight loss.

Before/after collage is considered an effective way to maintain willpower. The visualization of the results helps to avoid giving up and moving on, so it is recommended to take photos from the same angle every month.

Process organization

Step-by-step instructions on how to set goals for beginners and choose effective motivations to lose weight at home:

Steps Explanation
Material procurement

Anyone who is on a diet to lose weight needs:

  • Kitchen scales, used to accurately calculate calories and vegetable volume;
  • A normal weight scale that weighs weekly;
  • cm;
  • A container used to transport food and avoid food loss;
  • Non-stick frying pan;
  • Notebook or notebook for keeping weight loss diary
The right cookware Experts say that dishes play an important role in weight loss. The design of human psychology makes it easier for him to feel full when he eats full food. In this case, it can be a children's boat or a dish. In addition to plates, it is recommended to use smaller forks and spoons instead
Menu plan To plan a menu, you need to be familiar with the main rules of healthy eating, choose recipes for different meals and follow the following principles: breakfast-carbohydrates, lunch-protein + some carbohydrates + a lot of vegetables, dinner-protein + vegetables
Physical activity For a slim and beautiful body, proper nutrition is not enough. It is necessary to plan a training program.Perform three and a half hour exercises a week, and exercise different muscle groups once a week, with 1 day interval
Other metabolite vibrations

The effective way to clean the body and speed up the metabolic process is:

  • Fasting is especially important for religious people-although it is problematic not to use animal protein to increase muscle mass, you can reduce weight by cleaning;
  • Fasting Day-drink water, kefir, fruits, vegetables.

Cheating Meals-Eating disorders planned every 7-10 days helps to speed up metabolism and promote mental relaxation

What is a suitable diet for weight loss

Food is called the right food under the following circumstances:

  • The body receives all the trace elements necessary for complete function.
  • completely eliminated hunger and restriction;
  • Completely harmful products with unhealthy ingredients should be minimized or eliminated: candies and sugar, fried foods, flour, semi-finished products, sausages, unhealthy snacks.

It has no contraindications, and it is always prescribed by a heavyweight expert to ensure safe weight loss.If a person has a choice: diet or start eating right, then he should give priority to the second option. Proper nutrition can be observed throughout your life, which means you are always in a healthy state.

Basic rules

Proper nutrition needs to follow the following rules:

  1. Monitor your water balance and drink at least 3 liters of water a day between meals. In addition to water, you can also drink ginger and green tea, Sass drinks, and fermented milk drinks.
  2. Eat often-at least 2. 5-3 hours, but in moderation. There should be at least 3 main meals and 2 Chinese meals a day.
  3. Properly distribute the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates: 40-50%, 10-20%, 30-40%, respectively.
  4. Prepare and eat particularly healthy raw food: lean meat, all types of fish and seafood, vegetable protein, cheese and low-fat yogurt drinks, cheese, eggs, unprocessed grains, all flour except wheat and vegetables, Fruits, dried fruits, berries, nuts, cold-pressed vegetable oils.
  5. Completely exclude: sugar, white powder, sausages, fried foods, snacks containing chemical ingredients in the composition.
  6. Use only mild product heat treatment methods: boiling, baking, boiling, baking on a non-stick coating without oil.
  7. Use a special formula to calculate the daily calories required considering personal data, and reduce it so that the calorie deficit is 15-20%.

Sample menu

Sample menu for the first week of weight loss:

days Breakfast Snacks Lunch Snacks Dinner
1 Buckwheat porridge, 0% milk omelet and 2 eggs, tomato salad Milkshake made from milk, banana and chia seeds Turkey fillet with brown rice Kefir with fiber Fish cakes, steamed asparagus
2 Ovsyanoblin stuffed with cheese, sour cream and raisins Cocoa Tofu Mousse Vegetable no potato soup with chicken meatballs 2 hard boiled eggs Grilled red fish, some lemon wedges and lettuce
3 Lazy oatmeal dipped in yogurt in a bowl of berries and seeds Dried Apricot Cheesecake Balsamic vinegar with beans and potatoes Berry yogurt Kefir stewed tomato and onion chicken fillet
4 Raisin, citrus fresh rice porridge Milk, banana and chia pudding Puree peas, stewed cabbage, turkey and mushrooms Apple, Pear and Apricot Salad Cooking seafood cocktail, cucumber and vegetable salad
5 Honey Oatmeal Pancakes Applesauce Lentils, beet salad, boiled chicken Kefir Seafood, egg, cucumber and herb salad
6 Rice noodle pancakes with sweetener Green cucumber, celery, herbs and lemon juice smoothie Buckwheat, boiled turkey, grilled eggplant Fiber cheese Fish soup without potatoes
7 Strudel made of Armenian sausage, apples, chopped nuts and dried fruits Carrot, celery and pumpkin seed salad seasoned with sesame oil Various cabbage, roast chicken soup Milk jelly Grilled fish fillet, cabbage salad

Physical activity

The best type of physical exercise in the early stages of weight loss is:

  1. Breathe on an empty stomach.They do not require a lot of time and energy, but can train and allow you to tighten all the muscles in your body.
  2. Exercise supplements for all muscle groups before and after breakfast.It takes 15 minutes to increase your vitality and make you proud of yourself. This can be a fast version of touring training for jumping, negative, bow and arrow, squat and abdominal exercises-they are very effective for burning fat and reducing fatigue compared to standard exercises.
  3. Walk.Related to a larger initial weight. In the initial stage, as long as it is 2-3 stops earlier than the destination, then walk this distance to gradually increase the distance. Walking in the park at night is also useful.
  4. Running on an empty stomach or at night.Ideally-the interval (running for 1 minute at maximum speed alternates with running for 5 minutes at average speed) lasts at least 15 minutes.
  5. Jump on the spot or on the rope at any convenient time, but you cannot jump immediately after eating.Exercise is unhealthy after eating.
Weight loss exercise

For beginners, the simplest type of physical activity is Scandinavian walking. It is a physiologically safe walking activity that requires the use of special poles. Due to this load, allThe body system will be strengthened. The main principle:

  • Movement should be smooth and natural, without causing painful feelings and obvious discomfort;
  • Exercise is considered aerobic exercise, therefore, it is important that there are contraindications in the form of cardiovascular disease.
  • Using the right technique, you can exercise and develop all the muscles of the body;
  • During the warm-up process, especially before starting exercise, it is very important to pay attention to the warm-up of the knees.
  • is ​​suitable for people of any gender, age and health status-it can adapt to individual personality characteristics, because it is an ordinary way of walking, but certain elements will be complicated by certain elements.

Subtle issues to consider

When writing menus and training plans, it’s important to pay attention to some nuances:

  1. gender.Men’s metabolism is faster and their muscles are strong. Therefore, they can eat more carbohydrates than women, and the ideal exercise method is strength training. For intense fat burning, you can add aerobic exercise after weight-bearing exercise to replenish fat. On the other hand, women need to strictly control their daily carbohydrate content and give priority to aerobic and aerobic exercise. Strength training will help form beautiful proportions.
  2. age.30 years later, regardless of men and women, metabolism will slow down, so don't expect to lose weight too fast-it is normal to lose 0. 8-1 kg per week. For women over 30 years old, it is very important to add healthy fats to the diet to extend the life of young skin.
  3. Health status.If there are no appropriate nutritional contraindications for health reasons and can be individually selected and adjusted, physical activity must be strictly coordinated with the doctor.