Six-petal diet: menu and reviews

The 6-valve diet is a complex combination of multiple daily single diets. The unusual, bright, "floral" nutrition system developed by the nutritionist Anna Johansson from Sweden is designed to help you not only reduce excess weight, but also create a pleasant, positive atmosphere and extreme weight loss while losing weight. Good emotions. The magical "Six Colors of Flowers", according to the dieter's plan, multicolored petals, engraved with the date of the approved product, symbolizes the desire, dream and ambition of losing weight.

6-petal diet daily food

Diet instructions

A monotonous diet that lasts for several weeks or even months can lead to exhaustion due to lack of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Coupled with physical exercises, dieters feel that the only desire for dieters is not good mood = good health, but a crazy desire to adopt a horizontal posture and. . . Sleep, lie down, and sleep again. The essence of the single-component "6-petal" weight loss method is different from others:

  • The best balance of petals in a single menu: protein and carbohydrate dishes, foods containing a small amount of healthy amino acids and unsaturated fats;
  • Create your own petal "slimming flower" through a 6-day diet to obtain psychological support and release of color and emotion. Tear off a petal at the end of the day, you stick to yourself, ecstatic about the results of your weight loss;
  • According to the positive evaluation of the nutritionist, the six-petal diet lasts less than a week, and it is recommended that the repetition frequency should not exceed once a month.

Combined into a single nutritional system, a single-component diet has the best efficiency on the first day of use. The six-petal diet is based on the principle of substituting carbohydrates for protein days. When the body does not have time to reorganize and accumulate certain foods in "difficult times", it consumes energy from food or wastes previously accumulated subcutaneous fat reserves.

The order of the petals of a single diet is not chosen accidentally: the fish menu is used to supplement the body with fatty acids, and the next day you can supplement your glucose reserves with vegetable dishes. Chicken maintains muscle tone, and grain carbohydrates normalize energy balance. The cheese of the next petal of the diet will restore mineral reserves, and the fruit delicacy will begin the metabolic process.

The order of alternating diet petals is calculated as 6 days:

  1. Fish petals.Choose any fish you like. Ready-made weight-300-500 grams. Fish soup or fish jelly is allowed.
  2. Vegetable petals. . . All vegetables, without exception, can be used regardless of the starch content.
  3. Chicken flap. . . For diet, skinless chicken fillet is suitable, and the total mass of the finished product at the exit is half a kilogram. Broth or soup with herbs and chicken is allowed.
  4. Oatmeal petals. . . the low glycemic index of cereals gives a feeling of fullness and stimulates digestion. Bran is very useful. It is best to add flaxseed, sesame, and sunflower seeds to the 6-petal diet menu.
  5. Curd petals. . . Saturate the body with calcium, maintain muscle tension with protein, and stimulate the consumption of fat reserves.
  6. Fruit petals. . . Fill the body with the necessary sugars and carbohydrates.

Basic rule of 6 petals

In order to give full play to the effect of the petal weight loss method, successfully lost 2-3 kilograms (petals) in 6 days, and adhere to the law of weight loss method:

  • A petal-a kind of food. Don't add carbohydrates to protein foods, no matter how hungry/ tasteless you are.
  • Follow a strict order of food substitutes. Do not exchange carbohydrates or protein for a 6-part diet.
  • Alcohol and carbonated beverages should not be consumed in the diet.
  • The hunger caused by the petal diet between main meals is eliminated by herbal infusions and sugar-free tea.
  • Each petal can eat up to 0. 5 kg of protein food; cereals-200 grams (dry); carbohydrates-1. 5 kg.

Daily detailed menu

The sample menu "6 flaps" includes a single diet, adding natural flavor dishes with additives, a small amount of salt and a drop of vegetable oil. The daily alternation of protein and carbohydrates in the diet helps the body effectively burn calories consumed from food and "store" excess fat in the waist, abdomen and buttocks.

The petals of fish (the first in the diet for 6 consecutive days) involve the consumption of no more than 500 grams of fish. Cod or cod in the form of couscous is perfect for breakfast. You can cook fish soup with chunks of fresh barracuda and dill for lunch. Grilled fish or oven-baked fish is the perfect end of your day.

For vegetable petals, the second in the 6-day single diet series, the approximate menu is as follows: breakfast-fresh vegetable salad, coffee; snack-vegetable smoothie (sweet pepper, tomato, sprig of parsley, celery); lunch soup; dinner-Stew with herbs and mushrooms.

Start 6 Petal Chicken Petal Diet with lightly seasoned meat mousse and a cup of green tea. Lunch-broth, dinner "variety" grilled chicken breast.

The fourth of the 6-day diet, the breakfast of oatmeal petals includes oatmeal, steamed in the evening, and rosehip broth. Eat bran tortillas for lunch. In the evening, Greek or regular buckwheat porridge is served for dinner.

Prepare a casserole, prepare a casserole with cottage cheese and kefir at breakfast, and prepare to tear off the cottage cheese (the fifth flap of the diet). Lunch-vanilla and cinnamon dessert. Dinner-steamed cheesecake, tea. The total volume of cottage cheese is 500 grams per day.

The final fruit breakfast, the sixth petal of the diet, starts with fruit salad. Fresh fruits retain the maximum amount of nutrients, so eat a choice (no more than 1. 5 kg) of watermelon, berries, kiwi, citrus fruits, pears, and peaches throughout the day. For dinner, use pumpkin and cinnamon to make baked apples.

Six-day diet recipes

A variety of foods rich in slow-digesting carbohydrates and proteins provide a rich menu choice. If you are not cooking ordinary boiled fish or whole breasts for a couple, but use your imagination to make culinary masterpieces based on one product, then the single ingredient combination of each petal dish will not be boring.

For the fish flap diet, you can prepare:

Recipe 1. Roasted red fish with Provence or Italian herbs

To do this, you need a piece of food foil, and the fish is pre-marinated with a mixture of olive oil (1 tablespoon) and lemon juice (1 teaspoon). The steak is greased on both sides. Wrap in foil and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Then unfold the foil and place the fish on the grill. Bake until tender. The steak on the first day of the 6-leaf diet is ready!

Recipe 2. Mackerel Stuffed with Dill

Buy frozen headless fish carcasses. Finely chop the dill. Sprinkle a little salt on the mackerel, rub the belly with herbs, wrap it in foil or put it in a double pot. The cooking time for the fish fillet diet is 10-15 minutes, or 30 minutes in the oven.

Recipe 3. Chicken Soup

Ready to pluck the third of the 6 petals of the Magic Slimming Flower? Enrich the chicken menu with a broth of sliced meat, dill, fennel root and green onions. Marinate half a chicken breast with a tablespoon of soy sauce. The roasted curry will attract you with its aroma and juicy taste.

Recipe 4. Tofu Dessert

Diversify the cheese, this is the penultimate day of the 6-leaf diet, offering delicious cheese desserts with vanilla and cinnamon. Use a blender to mix a cup of natural yogurt, 400 grams of cottage cheese, and season with cinnamon sticks and vanilla. The delicate, breathable curd will become the exquisite delicacy on the fifth day of the six-petal diet.

Which foods can be eaten and which can not be eaten

The permitted ingredients of the 6-petal flower diet are:

  • Certain foods prescribed by petals: vegetables, fruits, fish, skinless chicken, cheese, cereals.
  • Green vegetables, natural spices-no restrictions.
  • On Carbohydrate Day ((petals)-grains and vegetables-you can add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to your diet.
  • It is best to choose low-fat cheese and try to avoid cheese products, sweet tofu cubes, and cheese desserts. It is good to supplement the petal menu with milk or kefir or natural yogurt (300 ml).
  • On protein days, chicken or fish soup is allowed.
  • Fruits or vegetables in a 6-leaf diet are suitable for pairing with fresh fruit juices or vegetable smoothies.
  • Drink plenty of water (up to 2 liters) and small amounts (100 ml) every day.
  • "6 petals" involves the use of green tea, sugar-free coffee, natural candied fruit (fruit day), herbal infusions and preparations.

What the author of Sweden 6 Petal Nutrition System recommends to exclude from the weight loss diet of the flower diet:

  • Candies, chocolates, cakes and other sweets.
  • Sugar and sweeteners.
  • Foods containing preservatives and food additives.
  • Baked products based on high-quality flour.
  • Butter, sour cream and other high-fat dairy products.
  • Other foods not included in the main diet menu.


Any single diet, even a relatively balanced diet, such as "6-petal", may cause the deterioration of chronic or systemic diseases. Therefore, please consult your doctor when deciding to change your diet, reduce the calorie content of foods, and find out side effects. The 6-petal diet is absolutely contraindicated:

  • During pregnancy.
  • Nursing mother.
  • If you have an allergic reaction to any product.
  • If you suffer from gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic diseases, you need preventive nutrition.
  • Any disease,Need specialHealthy FoodOr stick to a specific meal plan, such as diabetes.
  • There is an endocrine disorder.

Rules for quitting the petal diet

Maintaining the weight achieved by the six-petal diet is a long and important process. Here are some tips from Anna Johansson for people who successfully tear off the 6 petals of one-way food:

  1. At the end of the 6-petal diet, try to follow the principle of separate feeding and continue to eat protein and carbohydrate foods independently of each other.
  2. Don't forget about polyunsaturated fats—the body needs them.
  3. Don't over-enjoy cakes, breads and other sweets and cafe masterpieces.
  4. The calorie content of the daily diet should not exceed 2, 000 kcal when there is physical activity, and no more than 1, 800 kcal when there is no activity.

Weight loss results-before and after photos

Want to wear your favorite low-rise jeans or the long-awaited look, the literal meaning of "little black dress" has become smaller? The six petal flower weight loss method can help you lose a few kilograms in a short time, keep your body in order, and make you full of vitality and vitality. This slimming system can provide excellent results-it can reduce up to 0. 5-0. 8 kg per day. The comments and results of weight-loss women and girls and detailed photo reports before and after the super diet confirm this.

Before and after the 6-petal diet to lose weight

Nutritionist Comments

Nutritionist: The 6-petal diet is an option for those who want to lose a few kilograms on the eve of important events or holidays. There are no strict restrictions. Fasting. Due to the simplicity of the menu, the availability of products and the duration of preparation, it is perfect for busy young ladies. Nevertheless, partial low-calorie content is allowed, protein-day lack of carbohydrates can cause headaches and drowsiness. In order to eliminate the limiting factors, I recommend taking a vitamin complex rich in trace elements.

Nutritionist: I do not support a single diet. Believe me, the reasonable combination of healthy nutrition and physical activity works as miracle as the super popular kefir and apple diet. Nutrition based on the 6-valve system is one of the balances of existing weight loss programs. If you choose this way of losing weight, please try to stick to the nutrition guidelines at the end of the diet.

Reviews for those who lose weight

Female, 32 years old: Honey, please go to the beach to rest. I decided to keep myself in perfect shape, but the rush of work did not give me time to go to the gym and swimming pool. A friend suggested a 6-day diet and named it after the funny name "6 petals". I lost 3 kilograms and 200 grams in a week, and the main weight loss fell on Friday and Sunday-fasting days. Very satisfied with the result! And on the beach, not only my beloved peeked at me!

Girl, 20 years old: I bought a cool dress for the New Year, but somehow I got it wrong. The girls in the group talked about the 6-petal diet and can only eat one type of food per day. I drew a flower and admired it very much. At 56 kg I wanted to get rid of the three promised, but the result was 1. 8 kg! I'm angry. But when I tried this dress on, it turned out that the weight was where needed-on the sides and bottom. Now I know a way to lose weight fast!

Woman, 29 years old: The 6-petal diet is not mine. I have never been so hungry: either this diet is inappropriate, or I eat a lot. I lost a few kilograms (it took 2. 8 kilograms), but starting Sunday, I am ready to eat everything and even more. I can't wait to wait until the weekend to arrange a holiday. After 2 weeks, the kilograms I disappeared came back, although I adhered to the correct diet and did not eat a lot.