An effective weight loss diet: the best and safest recipe

Girls lose weight through dieting

Almost all obese veterans are familiar with the pendulum effect. In 70% of cases, the excess weight will inevitably come back and take away a few kilograms. International research institutes have proven the theory of the perfect diet: an effective weight loss diet can be followed for life. And no matter what the diet (even the naked radish), the basic principle is to stick to it.

The dangers of fast eating

Before you open the list of the best diets in the world, you need to remember the main criteria for successful weight loss. After all, for every woman, it is important not only to "discharge" weight quickly, but also to stay healthy. The apron made of leather replaces the belly, which is still a flower. After pursuing weight loss, many women begin to calculate the true loss of their previous beauty: skin sluggishness, wrinkles, sickness, sluggishness, and question mark-like posture.

Prepare wholesome meals for a slim and healthy body

Don’t "fuse" your beauty with fat,Some simple rules that must be followed every day will help:

  • The calorie content of the diet should not be less than 1200 kcal. The body is a very tricky thing. If it suspects that your goal is to deprive it of food, the main criterion for survival, it will start to dislike you for storing food for future use. As a result, not only will you lower the metabolism that your body has been honing for years, but you will soon notice that you have stopped losing weight. Instead of fat, consumables-muscles will start to be "eaten". More importantly, when you start a normal diet again, fat storage will be more difficult. I'm bullying you again.
  • Don't give up fat. This refers to polyunsaturated fats, and the diet should contain at least 25 grams. This is the conservation law of the brain, which is mainly composed of fat and water. If you don’t get the precious 25 grams, you will get it from nails, joints, skin, hair, etc. Anything that contains beauty ingredients can nourish fat. In addition, polyunsaturated fat will not be deposited in places that damage the body.
  • Don't deprive yourself of the food you like. This is the psychological factor of success. The stricter a person is with himself, the more resourceful his mind is. Eating behavior should be changed gradually. Pamper yourself regularly so you can hold on for a long time.
  • Drink a lot of water. This is not always the case. When a person wants to eat, what he wants is food. The receptors responsible for satiety will signal hunger, and often it is a signal of thirst, which is easy to confuse. If you find that you have recently eaten a snack but still feel hungry, drink plenty of water. Your saturation center can easily drop due to such a simple technique.

We rate the diet based on its effectiveness. These ratings have been tested, received the best reviews and are the safest:

  1. "Shuffle".
  2. Lazy diet.
  3. Buckwheat.
  4. On kefir.
  5. Protein diet.
  6. Mediterranean.

Non-existent nutritionist

This weight loss program appeared in a women's magazine in the late 1990s. The author is someone who turned out to be a reporter, signed with a pen name, and wrote a column. As you know, the formula of "Protasovka" comes from the team's hodgepodge "Useful Weight Loss Secrets". But people don't care where they come up with who it is, it's mainly a working system. Judging from the fact that it has reached our time, it is the most effective.

The diet is easy to follow, you will hardly feel hungry, and what is particularly pleasant-you can lose 5-7 kg in a week.

The "shuffle" is divided into 5 weeks:

  • Eat 1500 grams of raw vegetables every day for 1-2 weeks. You can add 3 apples (preferably green), 550 ml kefir or fermented baked milk with at least 4% fat;
  • In 3, 4, and 5 weeks, remove half of the kefir from the diet and add 300 grams. Animal protein (fish, poultry, meat). The meat is best steamed or boiled;
  • After 5 weeks, it is recommended to "quit" the diet. this is very simple. Add soup, grains, and cooked vegetables to your daily diet.
In order to lose weight effectively, you need to consume enough water.

Advantages: You can lose 10-15 kg of weight in a month, and it's not laborious. After unloading in this way, it is very convenient to switch to a normal diet, and the kilograms will not return, because you have developed a good habit of eating more vegetables.

Disadvantages: People who suffer from gastrointestinal deterioration should not be used, because a large number of raw vegetables will increase intestinal peristalsis.

Lose weight effortlessly

This is not so much a diet, as it is a reasonable diet suggestion made by a famous doctor. This person has been studying various ways to improve his body and studying himself throughout his life.

The way to lose weight with water is based on, or rather, the correct intake. In this way, the weight is easy to reduce, first reduce by one-third, and then reduce by 2-3 times.

You need to make 3 basic rules for yourself:

  1. Drink 2-3 glasses of warm water in the morning. Strictly before meals. By the way, Japanese scientists recommend drinking at least one liter in the morning, which is good for all body systems.
  2. Do not drink alcohol within 2 hours after any meal, even after snacks. This is the main condition. In this way, the body processes food with sufficient quality to make people feel full on the one hand, and on the other hand, the entire enzyme system is activated. This will have a good effect on the excretory system.
  3. The last meal should be taken 4 hours before bedtime.
Strict control of food and water intake is the basic rule of lazy diet

Advantages: The entire digestive system is getting better and better, and the metabolism and waste release are accelerated. Weight loss is proceeding at a fairly easy and enjoyable speed.

Disadvantages: It is hard to resist a cup of tea after a hearty lunch or dinner. But this is more a matter of habit, which has been developed in the second week.

Magic buckwheat

The buckwheat diet is familiar to many women. It has been circulated among the people for a long time and is considered to be the most effective. This is a single diet. Therefore, all the advantages and disadvantages are monotonous: on the one hand, everything is simple, you don't need to invent anything, eat your buckwheat, do not count calories, and the weight disappears like talking. On the other hand, it is impossible to watch buckwheat after 3-5 days, it has started to vomit extra weight after turning around. So buckwheat is for people with strong spirits.

Buckwheat is used to promote a single diet for rapid weight loss

There are subtle differences in the strict system:

  1. There is no limit to the number of buckwheat porridge. Eat as much as you want. At any time of the day, even by the refrigerator at night.
  2. We will have to eliminate salt. Buckwheat is boiled empty: no salt, milk, sugar and other things. If you add salt, you will not get the results you want.
  3. From the second week, fermented dairy products and apples can be added.
  4. Quitting the diet in time should be consistent with the diet itself. If you sit on buckwheat for 2 weeks, gradually add your favorite products to your menu in the same amount of time.

From the advantages: everyone knows an amazing result-from 5 to 7 kilograms of red within a week, the face is visibly tightened, and the swelling disappears. This is a very effective weight loss diet.

In addition to the boring porridge, the main disadvantage is considered to be the poor diet of patients with varicose veins and thrombosis. Facts have proved that buckwheat is conducive to the formation of blood stagnation when consumed continuously.

Dairy products

The fermented milk diet was spread with the help of this famous and charming singer. For a while, she really became a "Thumelina" within a few weeks. Naturally, under the impact of curiosity, she had to uncover her secret. It turned out to be the simplest product-Kefir.

On Kefir, you can discard all unnecessary things easily and quickly. This weight loss method is very suitable for those who desperately need to lose 3-5 kg before the weekend.

Kefir diet principles:

  1. During the whole unloading period, it should not exceed 10 days. You need to drink kefir. Similarly, as with buckwheat, all foods are replaced with kefir, that is, a single diet is obtained.
  2. Although everyone recommends low-fat kefir, you should not forget about 25 grams of fat, which should be included in your daily diet. Therefore, it is recommended to use 3. 2-3. 5% fat kefir. This will bring extra richness.
  3. You can drink kefir indefinitely. According to experience, women can drink up to 3 liters of kefir a day. Only drink fermented dairy products when you want to eat.
  4. Drinking water is imperative. Since kefir is a strong diuretic, water is quickly excreted from the body.
  5. After 10 days, gradually add apples, oatmeal, and soup to the kefir.

Advantages: good decongestant, even suitable for pregnant and frail people (if you add apples and do not exceed the 5-day limit), the weight will disappear quickly.

Disadvantages: The weight also rises quickly. If you do not observe the salt limit for a long time after unloading, it is not suitable for people with gastritis (a form of increased stomach acid).

Dr. Pierre Ducan's diet

Perhaps the most famous and sensational diet of all time. Dr. Ducan's protein diet denies all forms of balance. In fact, this fundamentally damages health. But this does not stop young, healthy girls from torturing themselves. Yes, you can lose weight. This happens quickly, and the body actually becomes thinner.

The whole secret is based on metabolic "attack". The body will be "frightened" by a large amount of pure protein, which is calculated by the body mass index (BMI) alone. Then add fresh vegetables. In general, the system is designed for 4 methods-attack.

Avoiding sweets and choosing fresh vegetables will help you get rid of excess weight.

Stages of Dukanov's diet to lose weight:

  1. The first week aims to change metabolism, including protein diet: meat, fish, seafood. By the end of this week, you will see the first amazing results, which will not only delight you, but will also motivate you to achieve greater success.
  2. In addition, the second longest weight loss period has begun and can last until the expected results (up to one year). During this period, add starch-free vegetables.
  3. In order to consolidate the final ideal figure, eat protein foods for 2 weeks, and add grains, cheese and fruits.
  4. In order to maintain an ideal state, make a protein fasting day once a week.
  5. The exceptions are: dairy products, sugar, fatty meat, bacon. From a pleasant request-sausage (natural) is possible.

Advantages: excess weight will be permanently reduced.

Among the disadvantages, the main disadvantage is that you may lose precious health. This diet has undergone many tests and studies, from which people have come to different diagnoses: kidney problems, liver problems, fatigue syndrome, and depression. The loss of vitamins and minerals is inevitable. Some people may recommend taking a multivitamin. But it is better to see a doctor to avoid injury. Because medicines are very expensive now, the best treatment is to stay away from the disease.

Mediterranean miracle

It is very similar to the Dukanov diet, but the taste is less strict and pleasant. She came to us from Portugal, where it is more like a way of life. Where the ocean is, people unknowingly become followers of this diet. As the name suggests, seafood delicacies have become the staple food here.

The diet is simple:

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner include shrimp, shellfish, and red fish.
  2. It can and should be diluted with fresh vegetable salads, vegetables, and fruits.
  3. Don't forget the water. Not less than 2. 5 liters per day.
  4. Last meal 4 hours before bed.
  5. Eliminate or reduce salt and sugar.

One obvious advantage: a very pleasant diet, improves mood and libido, you lose up to 3 kg a week.

Obvious disadvantage: expensive. If a large family is more expensive, all the food and beverages will be scattered all over the place before you put everything in the refrigerator.

Short success story

Buckwheat diet-an effective nutritional system for weight loss

The effective weight loss diet recommended by nutritionists can be summarized in three words: moderation, variety and balance.

New diets appear every year, but not all diets are beneficial. To understand which diet is the most effective and safest, the main criterion is prominent-it should not be too strict. Some things should meet the taste of weight loss. Because if it is difficult to control yourself, all efforts will end in failure.

If you look at the online evaluation of weight loss diets according to the effects, you can get 3. 5 million popular results. Almost none will match. This shows that there is actually no best diet for weight loss.

Some people think that low-fat foods are the best, while others think that carbohydrates, sugars, and gluten are the biggest enemies of trying to gain weight day after day.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. But experts and researchers all say one thing: a working diet is a diet that can last a lifetime, not a month or a week. Therefore, you can get rid of excess weight permanently.