Lazy diet: lose weight fast

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In many cases, mediocre laziness becomes an obstacle to getting a slim figure. Most diets need to comply with certain conditions: strict schedules, serious physical exercise, calorie calculations, etc. For this situation, there are lazy diets or water diets.

The essence of a water diet

The essence of the lazy diet is the correct intake of water. You need to drink two glasses of pure non-carbonated water 15-20 minutes before meals. It is forbidden to use any liquids during meals and within two hours after meals. Then you can drink a cup of tea or coffee. At the same time, it is not advisable to arrange snacks between main meals.

Before starting a water diet, you must first prepare your body. For several days, it is recommended to drink some cleansing tea and linseed oil to help remove toxins and toxins from the body. To cleanse the body, use 2 tablespoons of linseed oil on an empty stomach in the morning, and then immediately drink 300 grams of still water. You can have breakfast in 10 minutes. This cleaning can get rid of the extra two pounds of weight.

Water for lazy eating

Lazy diet menu

If lazy people want to lose weight quickly, they need to consider their diet in advance and determine the meal time. In order to improve efficiency, it is recommended to eat meals strictly by the hour. If you choose the composition of the menu carefully, the results of a lazy diet will become more apparent.

It is recommended to abstain from sugar, bacon, baked goods and pasta products, high-fat foods, mayonnaise, various sauces and alcohol while observing a water diet. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight.

The general daily diet menu for lazy people is as follows:

meal time menu
morning 7. 45-2 glasses of still water 8. 00-Breakfast of any product 10. 00-A cup of unsweetened tea or coffee
10. 00-12. 45 Any amount of still water
day 12. 45-2 glasses of still water 13. 00-Unlimited lunch 15. 00-Unsweetened coffee or tea
15. 00-17. 45 Still water, unlimited
night 17. 45-2 cups of clean drinking water 18. 00-Dinner with required products 20. 00-Coffee or tea without added sugar
20. 00-7. 45 Drink some water when hungry
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How a lazy diet works

The simple diet of lazy people has only positive reviews. By observing it for 2 weeks, you can lose 8 to 12 pounds of extra weight. At the same time, the condition of the skin and hair is improved, and the body becomes unusually light.

The principle of lazy diet is to solve the three main problems that interfere with fast weight loss:

  1. Drinking water before meals can partially fill the stomach and reduce hunger, so the amount of food required for saturation is reduced.
  2. Drinking water before meals will speed up the metabolic process, make the metabolic process more efficient, and make it too late to accumulate fat.
  3. Most high-calorie liquids are replaced by non-caloric clean water.

The undoubted advantage of a water diet is the increase in energy. As energy increases, the amount of calories burned decreases.

The lazy diet lasts for two to three weeks. It is recommended to use it no more than once a year. However, if the diet is repeated, the rest period between classes should be at least one month. The habit of drinking water shortly before each meal is also good for your daily diet.

According to nutritionists' recommendations, the best time to follow a lazy water diet is this summer. At this time of the year, most of the absorbed fluid is lost through sweat. Large amounts of liquid should not be added to the diet immediately. It is recommended to start drinking water from 1. 5 liters per day and gradually increase to the required amount.

Due to a lazy diet, drinking at least 3 liters of water a day, potassium, sodium and calcium will be lost from the body in a large amount. Therefore, it is necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes throughout the diet.

Food taboos for lazy people

Although water is good for the body, ingesting large amounts of water can also cause certain harm. The best single serving of water is 30 ml. If you drink more water in one breath, it will have a diuretic effect, leading to insufficient water in the body.

A lazy diet does not prohibit snacks. However, every additional meal must be accompanied by two glasses of water. Even an extra cup of tea or coffee is considered a snack and requires constant drinking. Therefore, it is easier to refuse excess food.

During the water diet, you can only drink raw water. Boiling water will lose most of the beneficial minerals and salt. It is not recommended to drink cold water because it will slow down the digestion process. The liquid should be at room temperature.

Bottled water for lazy eating

The amount of fluid recommended for the lazy diet is almost twice the standard diet allowance. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with heart, kidney, liver and gastrointestinal diseases to take a water diet. It is also not advisable to observe this diet for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

How to increase the effect of lazy diet?

In order to significantly improve the effect of lazy diet, the following suggestions can be adopted:

  • You need to take a sip of water and pause;
  • Minimize the amount of sweets, smoky and high-fat foods in your diet;
  • Increase physical activity;
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Replacing products with alternative options will be equally effective. For example, pork can be replaced with lean beef, sugar can be replaced with dried fruit, and milk chocolate can be replaced with a healthier black. Of course, in this case, dieting can hardly be called laziness, but the results of doing so will be more tangible.

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In addition to the water diet, there are other effective lazy diets. The most popular are the Kim Protasov diet, the Mediterranean diet and the protein diet.

other suggestion

  • Too much water in the body is worse than lacking. Excessive water will flush out useful minerals in the body. The result is swelling, seizures, and even heart attacks. Therefore, body weight should be considered when determining the optimal volume of water required. The average water consumption is considered to be 40 milliliters of pure water per kilogram of body weight. In extreme heat, through active training and heavy sweating, the prescribed amount may be slightly increased.
  • The daily water intake does not include coffee and tea. The prescribed amount of water must be distributed evenly throughout the day. Drinking a large amount of liquid at a time stretches the stomach, and then more food is needed to saturate it.
  • If ordinary water is difficult to drink, you can add a little fresh lemon juice to the water to improve its taste.

Lazy people's water diet is great, because it does not bring any discomfort to daily life. There is no need to exhaust the body through hunger strike and hard exercise. The undeniable advantages of a water diet make it one of the most popular ways to lose weight.