Pancreatitis diet

In the acute phase of the disease, it is necessary to create absolute rest for the pancreas. If cold is in the stomach, eating and drinking should be avoided. This procedure is followed in both acute pancreatitis and the exacerbation of chronic processes.

Everyone knows the danger of pancreatitis. Therefore, in further complex treatments, diet and nutrition play a leading role.

Pancreatitis Salad

The main principles of pancreatitis diet nutrition

  • It is necessary to increase protein intake, at the expense of meat, fish dishes, and cheese, up to 150 grams;
  • Limit carbohydrates to 300-350 grams, which is particularly easy to digest (sugar, honey);
  • Eliminate products that help increase pancreatic juice secretion (rich broth from meat and fish, boiled cabbage);
  • Reduce the amount of fat in the diet to 70-80g;
  • Only cook food in the form of mechanical gentle wiping;
  • It is not allowed to consume large amounts of food at one time;
  • Divide meals every three hours;
  • Fasting should not exceed two days.

What are the taboos in the pancreatitis diet?

  • It is strictly forbidden to use thick soups made of meat, fish, and mushrooms;
  • Fried meat and fish;
  • Lard and other animal fats;
  • Canned sausages and meat;
  • Raw, uncleaned vegetables that contain fiber;
  • Baked dough
  • Rye bread;
  • Kefir
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks.
Food and drink for pancreatitis

What is allowed in the pancreatitis diet?

  • Yesterday’s white bread or dry;
  • Vegetable soup (except cabbage), oatmeal, only noodles? plate;
  • Meat dishes from lean meat and poultry, steamed or boiled with raw materials minced by a meat grinder (meat patties, meatballs, rolls, mashed potatoes, souffle), and also from fish;
  • Eggs can appear in the form of protein omelets;
  • The natural form of fresh milk, cottage cheese or steamed pudding is not sour;
  • Add butter or olive oil to the dishes;
  • Cooked and mashed vegetables (mashed potatoes);
  • Noodles and noodles;
  • Semi-liquid porridge with milk;
  • From fruit-roasted apples or stewed apples;
  • Sweets-jelly, jelly with sweetener;
  • Drinks from light tea, rose hip soup.

Approximately a day menu

Consumption throughout the day: white bread-200g, sugar-30g.

  • The first breakfast is steamed pork steak (steamed egg rolls or cottage cheese pudding that can be replaced with two eggs), milk oatmeal (half portion), and a cup of milk tea.
  • The second breakfast-boiled or roasted meat, unleavened cheese, a cup of milk tea.
  • Lunch: vegetarian potato soup (half portion), steamed meatballs, carrot puree, apple jelly with xylitol.
  • Dinner: Meatloaf or steamed meatballs can be replaced with a piece of boiled chicken, steamed pudding with low-fat cheese, and a cup of milk tea.
  • Before going to bed: jelly with xylitol.

The weight of each dish is 130-150g. Milk tea can be replaced with rose hip soup.

With the marked improvement of the condition and the doctor’s permission, the diet will expand due to unground vegetables and meat.

Patients with chronic pancreatitis need to follow a diet for life.