How to lose 5kg in a week

Diet and physical activity help girl lose 5kg in a week

On the eve of an important event, meeting old acquaintances, dating, you want to look impeccable. Outfits are chosen, hairstyles are set, but these nasty extra pounds are bothered. Yes, they are few, but they destroy the whole notion of emotions. There's no need to lose that much - only 5kg, but no more than a week allotted.How to lose 5kg in a weekWhat if the previous diet did not produce positive results?

Perhaps unsuccessful attempts have something to do with hunger during exposure to a certain diet. It is possible that the girl's attitude towards losing weight is meticulous, and in order not to waste time in vain, she insists on a strict hunger strike. This is absolutely impossible to do, even if they are faced with the urgent task of losing weight. Losing 5kg in a week is possible, but it must be done in a correct and comprehensive way. Diet alone will not work. Here you should follow the 3-component rule - nutrition, exercise, body wrap. In this article, I will introduce some methods that will help you lose weight without harming your body.

Shortcuts to lose weight

Before analyzing how to quickly lose 5 kilograms a week at home, it is necessary to determine the basis of the thorny road:

  • Analyze the reasons for your weight gain - this will save you from having to diet regularly. A compromised endocrine system, hormonal exhaustion, stress and anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for rapid weight gain. Surprisingly, even a balanced diet and exercise won't help keep your weight at the same level when your body is ill.
  • In order to lose weight urgently, but at the same time, you need to find motivation for yourself. Usually, girls will use the method of buying a smaller dress - such weight loss will be happier.
  • Choosing the right diet is the hardest part. On the other hand, nutritionists say that you have to eat right all the time, then you will have no problem with your weight.
  • Losing 5kg is not only a diet, but also regular training. In a week of exercise and diet, you can achieve the desired results.
  • Wraps - Helps remove excess fluid from the body, tighten the skin and remove cellulite. Wrapping is only allowed in the absence of disease.

Among other things, you should reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates (sweet foods, flour products) and fats (oils, sausages, fatty meats) in your products. But most importantly, to lose five kilograms, the calorie content of the dishes must be drastically reduced - the basis of every diet. No need to reduce portion size. You can replace fatty dishes with lean meats by adding lots of vegetables.

Nutrition plan or simple diet

How to easily lose 5kg in a week? Lovers of vegetables and fruits can rejoice because there is a diet that will allow them to lose weight quickly, cleanse their bodies, significantly improve their skin and hair condition, and get enough and plenty of various vitamins (which is so lacking in an unbalanced diet). What should I eat to lose weight? The following diet should be followed daily for a week.


Start the morning with homemade lemonade, which will kick-start your digestive system and speed up your metabolism. The drink recipe is simple - breakfast won't become a daily routine. To prepare, you will need the juice of 1-2 slices of fresh lemon and a glass of water. The ingredients are mixed in a convenient order. Prepared lemonade for breakfast half an hour before the main meal.

A fruit salad with low-fat natural yogurt (no more than 1-2%) can serve as a complete breakfast. Any 3 fruits you prefer can be added to the salad. Even high-calorie bananas, mangoes, grapes will work, but in small quantities. Serve the seasoned salad slowly and chew it thoroughly. There is no limit to the weight of the dish - the main thing is to feel full. In order not to violate the rules, it is recommended to get up early and have a quiet breakfast.


For lunch, prepare a fresh vegetable salad with your favorite ingredients, with the exception of potatoes. Dress the salad with a teaspoon of olive oil or fresh lemon juice. You shouldn't add salt to this dish - salt can cause swelling even at lunch. You can use additives in the form of cinnamon or soy sauce (no more than a teaspoon). Salads are also eaten slowly until full - at least 40 minutes for lunch.

During the day, before dinner, you should drink plenty of fluids—tea or coffee without sugar and other additives, purified water without gas. Kefir is also allowed to contain no more than 1-2% fat, but no more than 1 liter.


They have dinner no later than 18: 00-19: 00, and if you go to bed late, you can have dinner at 20: 00 - the diet does not forbid this. For dinner, prepare a fruit salad again with natural yogurt or "own" juice and sprinkle with a little lemon juice. 40 minutes after dinner, you can drink unsweetened green tea.

The main ingredient in this diet is the right way out. A weekly diet can have amazing results and should be cemented in the future with a balanced diet. Alcohol-free, sweet, rich, and fat - these are the keys to all weight loss success. The above diet should only be used by people who do not have gastrointestinal problems.

professional opinion

There is no such diet that can guarantee a person of any weight and complexion lose 5kg in a week. An example of the correct approach is this question/title: "How many pounds did a 40 year old male lose 5 kg in a week with a sedentary lifestyle - 35"? In this case, everything is already clear. Obviously you can go without dieting at all, the important thing is to increase your physical activity, eat little by little, drink plenty of clean fluids and reduce your daily salt intake to 5 grams; the last meal should be in moderation, no later than sleep2 hours before. As a result, weight loss will proceed quickly. In the first three days, you can lose 3kg just because of excess fluid release. If you add excess fiber, vegetables, and fruits to your diet for a week, you can lose 5kg (or more) without pain. The heavier the weight, the more excited the patient was on the first day of getting the results. So, for a patient weighing 150 kg, the problem of increasing physical activity does not exist at all: he can lose 5 kg in 4-5 days, or even less. Therefore, do not rely on the peculiarities of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, the most important thing is to follow the rules. But if you only need to lose 5kg to reach your ideal weight, it's much more difficult, and such a diet is certainly important.

a hearty diet

Surprisingly, having a satisfying diet can help you lose 5kg in a week. They can be used by adolescents whose bodies are still developing, and starvation can cause interruptions in physical work activities. You should choose the food whose menu offers the food you like the most or can taste. Otherwise, the diet will not lead to positive results due to psychological discomfort.

Estonian diet

Why this diet is called "Estonian" is unclear. But thanks to the menu provided, you can lose at least 5kg. Reviews on those who lose weight also talk about great results, but we're talking about high weight - at least 20-30 pounds over normal weight.

Therefore, with the help of the following menu, you can lose weight effectively and quickly:

  • on MondayEat no more than 6 hard-boiled eggs, divided between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salt is prohibited.
  • Tuesday- 1 kg nonfat cheese, preferably natural granulated. This product can be sprinkled with a small amount of natural nonfat yogurt. Sweeteners and other ingredients are prohibited.
  • Wednesday- 300 grams of cooked chicken breast. Breasts can also be steamed in the oven or cooked in foil with lemon added. Remove the skin and other fatty components from the meat before cooking - this will speed up weight loss.
  • Thursday- Boil 100g of your favorite dry rice in 1 liter of unused salt water. Divide the amount received into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salt, pepper and flavoring additives are prohibited.
  • Friday- You need to eat 6 potatoes in their uniform. No salt and other seasonings are used when cooking or eating.
  • Saturday- 1 kg of apples. The fruit can be eaten raw, mashed, and baked in the oven. Do not use sweeteners or other food additives.
  • Sunday- You need to drink 1. 5 liters of kefir that is low in fat (no more than 2%).

The proposed diet is easy to maintain at home because the products are affordable and hunger cannot be overcome. Admittedly, certain conditions must be met for this:

  • Eat every 3 hours, morning and lunch, in larger portions;
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before meals;
  • Drink no earlier than 40 minutes after meals;
  • During the day, the standard of liquid is observed - at least 1. 5 liters of plain water.

In your Estonian diet, you should ditch tea and coffee - these beverages keep your body hydrated. If your life without coffee isn't sweet, you can have a pick-me-up in the morning -- the diet will "forgive" this.

egg diet

There is also an interesting diet that will allow you to lose up to 10kg per week, but it all depends on the initial data and the amount of excess weight. We're talking about the egg diet, which is nutritious and effective for those who like to lose weight. In addition to eggs, meals also include grapefruit -- a reliable fat burner. If you don't want to use grapefruit, you can substitute oranges or lemons, but leave out the sugar and other additives. Other products should not be replaced.

People with liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal disorders should not use this diet. The norm is to consume no more than 2 egg yolks per week, so it is forbidden for people with high blood cholesterol levels or with this prerequisite.

day breakfast dinner dinner
on Monday 2 eggs, unsalted tomatoes, herbal tea 2 eggs, a small portion of balsamic vinegar and potatoes, but no oil
Tuesday 2 eggs, grapefruit, favorite no added tea 2 eggs, 150 grams of lean meat, a salad greens and cucumbers
Wednesday 2 eggs, a bunch of spinach, white tea 2 eggs, oil-free balsamic vinegar, 100g non-fat cottage cheese, herbal tea
Thursday 2 eggs, grapefruit, original coffee 2 eggs, a bunch of spinach, plain coffee 2 eggs, oil-free balsamic vinegar, 150g steamed sea fish
Friday 2 eggs, a bunch of spinach, herbal tea 150g steamed sea fish, oil-free coleslaw, herbal tea
Saturday fruit salad 2 eggs, 150g boiled lean meat, tomato, cucumber and celery salad, herbal tea
resurrection 2 eggs, tomato, grapefruit 2 eggs, carrot cabbage salad, herbal tea

On the diet provided, you can drink up to 2 liters of plain water - plenty of eggs, you should increase the amount of fluids. This is necessary for timely filtering of protein and cholesterol from the body. The lunch portion is slightly larger.

single diet

Although nutritionists do not recommend a single diet, you can lose weight effectively. A mono diet is the use of one product to eat in unlimited amounts over a period of time. Nutritionists do not consider the proposed diet due to lack of vitamins and trace elements. Also, going the wrong way can lead to excessive weight gain.

An effective single-food diet includes:

  • dairy diet- Tough, not everyone can afford such nutrition. Therefore, there is no nutrition in itself: within 7 days, to lose weight, you should drink up to 2 liters of milk, preferably natural. everything. Eating anything is forbidden. Unsweetened water, tea and coffee are allowed.
  • Apple- Eat only apples every day for a week. A maximum of one kilogram of fruit is allowed per day. Puree it and bake it. Drink at least 2 liters of fluids per day. You can lose 7kg in one week.
  • tofu diet- Consume up to 500 grams of low-fat cottage cheese per day for one week. You can have coffee for breakfast, unsweetened tea for lunch, and herbal soups and water. The recommended liquid volume is up to 2 liters.
  • chocolate diet- Candy lovers can rejoice. For you, there is also a diet that will allow you to lose at least 4-5 kg per week. You need to eat 1 bar of 100g natural dark chocolate that day. During the day, they drink unsweetened water, tea and coffee at breakfast or lunch. Don't mix chocolate with coffee - this can raise blood pressure.

notes! You should switch to a single diet only in the absence of disease. It's not just about the gastrointestinal tract. The presence of cardiovascular disease is an immediate trump card against choosing the type of nutrition offered.

Lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight in a week without dieting? This is possible, but the requirements and rules must be carefully followed. Also, constant adherence to the norm will help you forget about being overweight and losing weight in principle.

Recommendations include:

  • Refusing to drink alcohol is an appetite-inducing extra calorie that is not only forbidden in the diet;
  • Eat from small plates - eating less will give the brain a visual signal to feel full, which will make it easier to lose weight;
  • Eat slowly - thorough chewing and the absence of television lead to a quick satiety (the optimal time to signal to the brain is 20 minutes), this rule is the basis of any diet;
  • Take a bath - relaxing at night allows you to enjoy it without having to eat;
  • Keep a Diary - During the day, write down the foods you eat and your morning weight, analyze and eliminate ingredients and dishes that are harmful to your weight, help to lose weight easily and quickly. This will eliminate the need to stick to a diet.

It is possible to lose 5kg in a week, how much you are overweight only determines what diet you should follow. If the excess weight is not more than 10 kg, then a single diet is fine. Otherwise, you can prefer the less restrictive option.

The task of losing weight is to get rid of the diet properly. Nutritionists talk about continuing what they started, but adding protein (poultry, fish, eggs) in week one, fat (vegetable oil) in week two, and carbohydrate (whole wheat bread, side dishes) in week three. Such a long exit can save the results without wasting time to lose weight.


  1. "I never paid much attention to my diet until a nutritionist suggested I could revise my menu a bit if I didn't want to have health problems. I tried to go on a veggie diet (she attracted me precisely because I'm addicted to vegetables in any form)Just two weeks ago she weighed over 80kg, today - 75kg. I plan to continue to stick to a protein diet and completely eliminate sugar from my daily menu. The only difficulty for me is drinking so much water, but whatNeither, for a good result, you can try to overwhelm yourself.
  2. "It's embarrassing to admit, but I've never believed in diets and honestly I didn't try to sit on one - not enough willpower. I didn't realize until recently that I needed to do something because even my husband doesn'tStarted to look sideways - the figure was already blurred, like a fifty-year-old man. I decided to try to lose weight. It turned out that everything was not as difficult as I thought, mainly to teach you that you can eat some food, but it is better not to putKeep other foods in the fridge to avoid temptation. I'm not going to lie - the kilos went away slowly, but the months of the diet proved effective and I lost 6 kilos.
  3. "If you don't believe in dieting to lose 6kg in a week, then I promise you, it's very true. I'll tell you a secret - for that, you need to have at least one center weight (I know it myself)Sitting on a diet, she checked herself - she lost a kilo a day, but not until the scales started showing 75. After that, the weight loss wasn't that intense, but I managed to lose a few kilos in a week.