Effective exercises for the abdomen, sides and buttocks in the weight loss pool

Swimming pool exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Performing water sports quickly and effectively can correct your figure without negatively affecting your health. The swimming pool has a complex effect on the body, not only destroying fat deposits, but also improving the overall condition.

Pool workout

Can a swimming pool help you lose weight?

Scientifically proven weight loss pool exercise. Water creates high resistance, which increases muscle tension during standard exercise. At the same time, the joints and spine bear very little pressure. This condition provides the effect of swimming in the pool without harming the person, regardless of whether the person can swim.

During a swim in the pool, you can burn up to 600 calories an hour. Through vigorous exercise, this number can be increased to 1, 000 calories. Regular training will have a positive effect after spending a month in the pool.

Swimming is not suitable for muscular development. This exercise can build muscles and give them endurance. Therefore, it is almost impossible to accidentally lift a strong arm or torso while trying to lose weight.

Swimming is very popular due to many advantages:

  • The fast effect of burning fat deposits;
  • Strengthen the respiratory system and cardiovascular system;
  • Affects almost all muscle groups;
  • The minimum number of contraindications;
  • has a positive effect on flexibility, clarity and posture.

In order to lose weight, it is recommended to exercise in the pool 8 to 12 times a month.

The benefits of fitness pool exercise

Swimming against overweight is more effective for women than for men. Pool exercise burns more calories than running. According to different swimming styles, the following content will be recorded every hour of every lesson:

  • 500 calories-rabbit;
  • 520 calories-breaststroke;
  • 560 calories-back;
  • 570 kcal-butterfly.

In addition to destroying body fat, you can also swim:

  • Prevent the development of flat feet;
  • Stimulate lung function;
  • Keep women healthy;
  • Has a massage function.
Warm up before swimming

To burn excess weight, the temperature of the water in the swimming pool should be between +24 and +28 degrees Celsius. During training, you need to replace styles. Warm up before swimming: before and after immersion. In the initial stage, the exercise time should be 30 minutes. In the future, the class time will be increased to 1 hour.

For weight loss, we recommend that you do intensive swimming at the beginning of the exercise-slowly and relaxed at the beginning of the exercise-at the end. After class, you should not eat within one and a half hours to consolidate the effect.

By combining swimming and water aerobic exercise, you can make the most of your swimming pool exercise.

Best Practice Collection


Basic weight loss exercises include swimming and water gymnastics. Weight loss training is different for men and women. For women, the following complexes are provided:

  • 10 minutes of crawling-warm-up phase;
  • Swimming without legs for 5 minutes-weight-bearing arms, shoulders, and chest muscles;
  • Support and crawl alternately for 10 minutes-the main stage;
  • Use a surfboard to swim for 10 minutes-the legs bear the load;
  • Swimming at an increased speed for 10 minutes-the main stage;
  • 15 minutes of slow swimming in any style-the final stage of relaxation.

After swimming, it is recommended to do water gymnastics or exercise underwater.

Male training is as follows:

  • Warm up-5 minutes;
  • Swimming at any speed-5 minutes;
  • Swim on the board only for -10 minutes; backstroke for -10 minutes;
  • Swimming with alternating acceleration and deceleration rhythms for 15 minutes;
  • Any style of slow swimming-15 minutes.

The list of basic water gymnastics exercises includes:

  • Jump in the water;
  • Shake from the side of the swimming pool;
  • Running in the water.

Water aerobic exercise is usually supervised by a coach. Even experienced swimmers do not recommend practicing on their own.

Water aerobics

Weight loss belly

A comprehensive program has been developed to eliminate fat deposits on the abdomen and sides, including:

  • Fitness;
  • Water aerobics;
  • ab practice;
  • Waist exercise.

Aquafitness can also make the skin more elastic. This feature can minimize the risk of stretch marks after burning excess weight. Aquafitness includes the following exercises:

  • Jogging underwater, in the pool up to the waist.
  • Push the swimming board with your hands to the chest in the swimming pool;
  • Leg backstroke.

Water aerobic exercise can provide power load. In addition to water fitness, or people who are not stressed, it is recommended that you do this. Water aerobics includes a set of exercises:

  • Straighten your arms and jump into the water until you reach your neck-try to touch your palm with your toes;
  • Jump in the water, spread your legs until your chest-when jumping, keep your legs together, and when diving, spread them out as much as possible;
  • Raise your legs to your chest, lower back in the water.

Water Ab work consists of two main exercises. They are very effective, so I recommend recommending them to almost everyone who visits the swimming pool:

  • While lying on your back in the water, raise your legs to your chest and stretch your arms along your body;
  • Raise your legs with a fitball between your legs and tilt your hands back.

The number of repetitions of each exercise can be adjusted separately. Between exercises, you must walk in the water. This action can relax the muscles and produce a massage effect.

The waist weight loss exercise will not touch the bottom of the leg when it is deep:

  • Turning of the upper body (in order to maintain balance during exercise, you can press your legs on your chest);
  • Alternately raise your knees to your elbows, holding your hands behind your head (you can perform while standing in the pool until you reach your chest and touching the bottom).

In order to maximize muscle development, it is recommended to perform the listed exercises together.

Slim legs

There are two stages of pool leg training. In the first stage, perform a simple warm-up exercise. The second stage includes a set of actions directed at burning fat and training muscles.

Perform the warm-up phase as follows:

  • Unfold, put your feet into the water, and hold the side;
  • Alternately swing your legs forward and stand in the water; enter the water
  • Bend your knees and raise your toes to your hips in a standing position;
  • Jump forward and backward on two legs.

These warm-up exercises took 5 minutes. They can also be used in training programs. To do this, you need to increase the number of repetitions and the duration of each action.

Suitable for complex muscle training:

  • High-strength crossing steps;
  • Jump in place;
  • Stretch out on the side.

The optimal number of repetitions for each exercise is 20 times. People with poor physical fitness can reduce the amount of exercise.

Weight loss buttocks

Exercises aimed at weight loss can also act on the hips at the same time. Therefore, the complexes in these parts of the human body are similar. The training is carried out in stages. First, you need to pour water into your chest, and then execute:

  • Cross arms and legs alternately while maintaining a uniform posture;
  • Jump into position with arms raised.

Then perform the steps in the water. This exercise can also train the back muscles. The execution time is 15 to 20 minutes. To consolidate the effect, please do the following:

Weight loss buttocks
  • While swinging your legs, stand in the water until your neck;
  • Lift the other leg back to the hip;
  • Noodles for bicycles and scissors.

It is recommended to alternate the listed exercises with swimming. This exercise can independently tighten the buttocks and buttocks, form a beautiful relief and eliminate fat accumulation.

for embossing

Abs is included in any pool exercise program. Abdominal muscles have great endurance and therefore require more training than others. To eliminate body fat and prevent its formation, perform the following exercise:

  • Raise the straight leg at a right angle;
  • Twist the body;
  • Scissors, lying on the water with your back.

In the swimming pool, you can do almost all the same exercises used in standard abdominal exercises.

In order to obtain high-quality results in a short time, it is necessary to change the speed when performing the same action from fast to slow, and vice versa.


In the presence of cellulite, a series of exercises that affect different muscle groups will be performed. The task of training is to maintain the tone of the whole body. The exercise is divided into four stages:

  • The first stage-Breed and extend the upright arms into the water with straight palms to the neck, jumping on both legs for 2 minutes (use several methods alternately);
  • Second stage-Raise the other leg at a 45-degree angle, so that your back lies on the side;
  • Third stage-One leg jumps up, the other leg is raised, and the arm is stretched out (the legs change alternately);
  • Fourth stage-Stretch your knees forward and stand on the other foot at the bottom of the pool.

The above exercises can be accompanied by: trunk turning, scissors, knee lift, swing.

In order to effectively fight fat, it is necessary to alternate between exercise and swimming in the water. Using sports or swimming will take longer to obtain high-quality results.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobic exercise consists of two stages: the warm-up stage and the main stage. The first stage includes simple exercises:

  • Inhale and exhale when the arms are erected in the water;
  • A mill that uses both hands to move in different directions (the hands are completely in the water);
  • Bend in different directions-the neck should not fall below the water level;
  • Jump out of the water;
  • Bend your knees and lift your hips.

Before entering the main phase, a warm-up phase must be carried out. The second stage includes physically challenging exercises. If you skip the warm-up exercise, you may get injured. The main exercise is:

  • Raise your legs, sit at the bottom of the pool with your hips, and the water level rises to your chest;
  • Jump into the water from a squat (execute at minimum depth);
  • Use the scissors to reach the chest with both feet in deep water;
  • The waist rotates in the water, keeping it on one side.

Walk into the water between exercises while resting. Standing still will freeze. Water aerobic exercise burns body fat three times a week.

Swimming pool exercise is an effective way to lose weight. Water sports include a series of sports designed to exercise the whole body. However, in order to maximize its effectiveness and minimize health risks, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and perform pool training under the guidance of the coach.