The basics of proper nutrition: how to lose weight seriously for a long time

Things not to eat while losing weight, a list of weight loss products, a healthy diet menu for a week and a month-find and become more beautiful here.

The basis of proper nutrition

Beauty requires sacrifice, but you don’t always want to sacrifice them. The basic principle of a weight loss meal plan is a lifestyle, not a one-time event. Today-one day on Kefir, tomorrow-half a pound at a time-this is not good. The body considers the jump in the diet to be a personal insult and accumulate fat during abstinence days.

Principles of good nutrition

Good food is diverse. A single diet is only good for short-term use-up to a week, and then if you really need to lose weight fast.

Without fruits and vegetables, healthy eating is impossible. Scientists recently proposed to increase its intake by 2-4 times because one person eats too many unhealthy foods.

How to eat to lose weight? Decimal. 4 to 6 times a day-a large amount of food is more useful than twice. It is best to divide these parts into small parts so that the body knows that it is fed regularly and does not accumulate too much fat.

How to eat properly? Develop the golden rule-drink water 30 minutes before meals or 30 minutes after meals. This will reduce hunger and you will automatically switch to a smaller part while cleaning the body of toxins.

Suitable weight loss products

The right diet food

Cereals in the form of grains help the digestive tract function better, are saturated, and they have very few calories. Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley porridge are preferred.

Apples-used to cleanse toxins in the body because they have a lot of fiber and rich vitamins.

Fish (especially fatty species of marine fish: salmon, salmon, trout). Rich in anti-aging antioxidants, help brain function, easy to absorb.

Strawberries and other berries are used as cleaners for harmful substances. Include them in your diet to reduce weight. Strawberries have 3-5 times more vitamin C than lemons, and more iron than apples.

Garlic is known for thinning blood and accelerating blood flow, that is, it can improve blood flow. As a result, the cells are quickly saturated with nutrients.

Carrots are good for skin and eyes. There is a subtlety: carrots can only be eaten with fat (such as butter or cream). Beta-carotene that contains fat is perfectly absorbed, but it is not fat-free.

Good nutrition: meal time

It's time to eat

If you want to lose weight without being hungry, please set a diet time and diet plan for yourself. This will help you achieve a regular diet and maintain reasonable portions throughout the day. Refuse to dry sandwiches and messy snacks on the go.

Everyone’s schedule is different, so suggesting that everyone eat at the same time is unwise. But this system can bring you maximum comfort at regular intervals.

Eat within half an hour or within an hour after waking up. During this time, the digestive tract will have time to start and food will be easily absorbed.

Rest 3-4 hours between meals.

Do not eat 3 hours before going to bed, especially during exercise at night. It is best to drink unsweetened water or fruit juice.

Allocate the largest calories in the first half of the day and plan a light diet in the second half of the month.

It is recommended that the elderly and frail people after surgery eat meals at least 4 times a day, consume more than one-third of the calories at lunch, and 15% at dinner.

What not to eat while losing weight

Everyone knows this list, but not everyone is willing to follow it. Cakes, sweets with sugar and flour, smoked, fried, and spicy are taboos for weight loss. These dishes will arouse your appetite, you want to eat more, we will not talk about any schedule. In order to maintain the framework of a healthy diet, you don't need to tease your taste buds with unnecessary "snack". The less spices in the dish, the less you eat, and it will not burden your body.

Proper nutrition, diet

The right diet for weight loss

Breakfast cereals do not contain salt, steamed, boiled, grilled vegetables, boiled meat (not fried) (no crispy skin! )-it will thin the waist, clean skin and high self-esteem.

What else is in the weight loss product list:

  • Vegetables and salads.
  • Sugar-free baked goods (diet biscuits).
  • Fermented milk products with zero or 1% fat content.
  • Sugar-free tea.
  • Vegetable soup and broth.

This is the foundation of good nutrition. If this diet is taken every day, no diet is required.

Proper nutrition to reduce weight: menu

There are hundreds of diet types. To find your own products, define a series of products that will bring you fun, not a kind of hellish torture. Create a weekly diet based on them. As mentioned above, the product should be useful. We offer a cheese-based diet menu.

Use cheese in the diet of obese people:

  • lose weight,
  • is ​​easy to digest,
  • Well saturated,
  • Help strengthen hair, teeth and nails.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are added to curd, with the exception of grapes (they are too high in calories).

Cheese diet for 3 days

Only fresh, high-quality homemade cheese is used. This is a main dish that you can eat without sugar (you can't master too much). Eat cucumbers, oranges, and other healthy vegetables and fruits between cheese meals. From beverages-freshly squeezed juice (but don't eat it on an empty stomach) and gas-free mineral water, sugar-free tea and coffee.

Such a diet can reduce 3-5 kg ​​per week. If you are lucky, even more.

This week's healthy nutrition menu

pp menu one month
  • Breakfast-cooking vegetable porridge. The porridge should be changed every two days: oatmeal-barley rice.
  • afternoon snack. Cheese without sugar, green.
  • Lunch. Boil chicken breast, fresh vegetable salad and a spoonful of olive oil.
  • Afternoon snack (3 hours later). Fresh or stewed vegetable salad without spices. 2-3 sugar-free cookies.
  • Dinner. A small group of marine fish, kefir.

Drink green tea, purified water, and mineral water between meals. This 7-day menu will help you lose 5 to 8 kilograms.

One month's healthy nutrition menu

By eliminating only unhealthy foods (including pure water in the menu and a small amount of consumption), you will have achieved good results. If you choose the right weight loss menu, the effect will increase by 2-3 kg.

Track calories. People who eat only 300 calories a day lose weight to 13 kilograms per year. It is sufficient to follow proper nutritional arrangements.

How to create a monthly menu?

Choose 3-4 grains (not including semolina) for cereals in the morning. This is the most balanced diet for weight loss.

Choose seasonal vegetables-do not use greenhouse vegetables because they may be nitrates. Buy the necessary products from the grandmother in the market: beets, carrots, potatoes-they are completely different from the products sold in the supermarket.

Completely reduce sugar from your diet! And halve the salt. This alone helps to reduce the extra centimeters on the waist and hips.

Choose the beverage pool you want to drink: tea, coffee, purified water. Coffee-no more than 2-3 cups a day, preferably green tea.

The correct nutrition for weight loss is fish and meat dishes. They are cooked twice a week, eaten in small amounts, and can only be boiled, roasted or steamed.

Don’t forget diet foods, such as onions, garlic, and basil. Add them to salads and cereals. This will help the body quickly get rid of excess burden.

What fruits can I eat when losing weight? They should have two main characteristics: low calorie content and easy absorption by the body. Almost every kind of fruit is rich in vitamins. The orange, kiwi, lemon and cherry on the daily menu are very good.

Weight loss nutritional system

Weight loss nutritional system

The diet menu for weight loss is recommended by a gastroenterologist or nutritionist. This will make it possible to intelligently adjust the diet in time.

Vegetarianism-no meat, vegetarian-fish, milk and butter. On such a system, they lose weight quickly, but during the first month, they may feel discomfort due to toxins being excreted from the body. Meat protein must be replaced with soy protein, otherwise the cells will have no material to build. This healthy daily diet becomes a lifestyle of due diligence.

Separate meals-Eat protein and carbohydrates separately, not together. Do not mix protein and fat, sour fruits and starchy vegetables. No alcohol and minimal salt. However, the best diet for weight loss is not suitable for people with gastric ulcers and diabetes.

Eat 4 hours before bed. It is difficult not to eat after 6 pm, but it is feasible. On such a system, even a very fat person can lose 8-10 kg in 1-1. 5 months. Such a system quickly becomes a habit, and the body no longer requires food at night. But you can drink water.

Men's and women's health food-the difference on the menu

The main difference is the number of calories. If for women, you need at least 1500 to lose weight, then for men-at least 2500 per day.

Men's and women's health food

Women have smaller muscle mass, which means they need less protein than men. By the age of 45, the situation has changed: men should reduce the amount of red meat, especially the spiced sausage. But women need more natural meat products-the increase in estrogen content and the demand for iron in meat are necessary.

The diet of people over 35 must include vitamin E, the minerals selenium and zinc. There are a lot of these trace elements in seafood, especially oysters.

Women should choose a menu containing vitamins A, B6, E and folic acid. They contain beans, grains, and ginger.

A healthy menu requires smart methods, regularity and clear goals. Then you will succeed.