Favorite diet

Favorite diet essence and nutritional principles

Your favorite diet is a regulated nutritional system, which can make you lose 10 kg in 7 days and cleanse the toxins in the body in a natural way. This weight loss method does not belong to the category of single diet. Her eating habits are designed to be breakfast, lunch and dinner are different foods. Therefore, she will not be bored, and a week of diet and nutrition will be passed easily and naturally.

In order to accelerate natural fat burning, you must strictly follow exercise and walking programs. Physical exercise directly depends on the calorie content in the diet.

Before starting a diet, make sure that there are no health problems. A physical examination is recommended. Kidney disease, colitis, gastritis, and ulcers are contraindications to your favorite diet.

Although there are many types of diet, the diet plan is still strict and unbalanced, which is reflected in the physical state. With the discomfort of the "influx" people, the mood changes drastically. Therefore, during weight loss, it is important to take extra vitamins and minerals.

Distinguish two favorite diets: "strict" and "gentle method". In the first case, the results of weight loss show that you can shed 10 pounds of extra weight within a week; in the second way, you can shed 6 kg of weight.

Advantages and disadvantages

The interesting thing is that every day in your favorite diet is dedicated to a specific product. In fact, this food system is a series of fasting days (fruits, protein, vegetables). As a result, the weight was systematically reduced, and the body did not suffer from hunger pangs.

The mechanism of action of your favorite diet is based on stimulating metabolism, so it puts the body in a state of stress control. By taking a large amount of a macronutrient, the body is forced to change the process of processing the nutrient. As a result, the human body begins to actively burn the energy reserves accumulated in the form of organic matter such as fat and glycogen.

In order to minimize weight during weight loss and minimize discomfort, it is recommended that you give up long absences, urgent matters and negotiations, because most of the time it is accompanied by increased kidney load and bowel movements.

During the entire weight loss cycle, it is recommended to rest and walk to avoid stress.

Diet benefits:

  1. There are no restrictions on allowed products.
  2. Efficient.

How much will you lose from your favorite diet? The results and comments of the dieter are impressive: within a week, a person has become slimmer by 6 to 10 kg.

  1. Clean the body.
  2. Physical deficiency side effects: dizziness, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, weakness.
  3. High weight loss rate. The feeling of briskness is increasing every day.
  4. Short duration (the classic version is designed for one week).
  5. Diverse diet.
  6. Lack of hunger attacks.


  1. Blood pressure surges.
  2. Personally intolerant.
  3. may aggravate chronic diseases.
  4. The weight loss plan can only be used again after three months.
  5. A diet lacking in vitamins, macroelements and trace elements.
  6. Difficulty in defecation (three days in the water).


  • Depressed;
  • Kidney and heart failure;
  • Intense sports activities;
  • Surgical operations on abdominal organs;
  • pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Diabetes;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • High blood pressure.

Eating habits are a strict way to lose weight, and only people with no health problems can practice. Otherwise, you may aggravate the condition, "earn" digestive tract discomfort, exacerbate the current disease (turn it from chronic to acute), destroy immunity, and cause problems in teeth, gums, hair, nails, and muscle tissue.

If you have health problems, it is recommended that you choose light weight loss first. Before losing weight, consult your doctor.

Seven-day diet and weight loss marathon

In order to obtain the desired results, please prepare yourself before you start to lose weight. In any case, please do not follow the saying "Today we will be full and tomorrow I will start to lose weight". During the preparation period (at least 14 days), the food must comply with the principles of healthy eating. That is, limit the use of fat, flour, and sweets. A diet rich in fermented dairy products, grains, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

It is forbidden to add salt, sugar to flavor food, and drink hard alcohol in the diet.

Detailed description

1st, 3rd and 6th-drinking days

During this period, only liquids are allowed to be consumed without restrictions. The most effective are: broth (from poultry slices), unsweetened vegetable juice (from carrots, pumpkin), low-fat fermented milk beverage (1%), distilled water, herbal tea.

The pomace of fresh fruit is considered food rather than beverage. Therefore, the energy value of a glass of fresh juice reaches 110 calories. In this regard, limit the daily intake of juice to 400 ml on "liquid" days. In order to reduce the calorie content and sugar concentration, the vitamin mixture can be diluted 50% with water.

It is forbidden to store fruit juice and cold tea, alcohol, and sweet carbonated drinks. The main focus should be on warm water. It is the best natural solvent. The minimum amount of drinking water per day is 2 liters. Together with the "waste" liquid, the body will leave slag, toxins and excess weight.

In the days of drinking, bowel movements are activated, and the maximum load falls on the kidneys, so edema may occur. During this period, try to rest as much as possible to avoid tiring exercise. Due to lack of protein in the diet, the human body will have the following adverse reactions: weakness, nausea, decreased physical strength, and dizziness.

In one day of drinking, you may lose up to 2 kg of extra intercellular fluid.

Day 2-Vegetable Festival (vegetarian)

The product is recommended to be consumed raw. However, the vegetables can be heat treated-cooking and roasting. In order to alleviate strong hunger, please divide your meal into three meals (3 full meals and 2 snacks). A single serving is up to 300 grams, and the daily calorie content in the diet is 1, 000 calories.

The essential vegetable today is cabbage, which is a natural fat burner. First of all, this is a low-calorie product-100 grams contains only 27 calories. Second, cabbage maintains a record of tartronic acid content in other vegetables, thereby inhibiting the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. In addition, leafy vegetables are a warehouse of dietary fiber. Energy value is zero, fiber frees the intestines from toxins, normalizes the flora of the digestive tract, provides the human body with vitamin C, P, B, U and trace elements (sulfur, calcium, phosphorus), and removes excess liquid.

Other recommended vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, sweet peppers, green vegetables. You can add up to 30ml of low-fat yogurt, vegetable oil or soy sauce to your salad to enhance the flavor. If necessary, sprinkle lemon juice on the vegetables.

When following your favorite diet, ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, horseradish, adjika and high-fat seasonings are prohibited.

Day 4-Fruit Day

During the day, you can eat any fruit that does not cause allergies, except grapes and bananas. Pay attention to kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, orange, watermelon. These are the best fat burners.

Nutritionists recommend choosing grapefruit on the fourth day. This is the best assistant against excess weight. It can normalize the correct metabolic rate, make the appetite dull, and at the same time saturate the body's vitamin C.

The fruit bank that fights against fruit fat every day: 2 grapefruits, 4 oranges, 200 grams of pineapple, ¼ watermelon, 3 apples, 4 kiwis. Eat 1-2 fruits every 2-3 hours, in between-drink still water. You can eat up to 2. 5 kg of fruit every day.

5th-Protein Day

  • Rule 1:Don’t swoop on food.
  • Rule 2:Follow this measure.
  • Rule 3:Divide the food into 5 portions, 100-200 grams each.

The protein diet aims to saturate the hungry body with protein. Eat every 3 hours.

Allowed foods: eggs (white egg), shrimp, boiled fish and chicken breast, low-fat cheese and plain yogurt. Food must not be seasoned.

In order to fully digest protein foods-consume at least 2 liters of water per day.

For vegetarians, protein day menus can be tailored according to personal preferences without the need to eat meat. In this case, the diet will include the following products: low-fat cheese, soft cheese with up to 25% fat content, soy milk (tofu), legumes (beans, beans, lentils, chickpeas), eggs, feta, seafood.

Day 7-Exit Day

represents the transition period from the diet menu to the familiar complete diet. The best solution for arranging meals on the seventh day is to combine fruits and vegetables with daily meals. Don't be taken away by salt to avoid excess fluid staying in the body.

Be cautious and gradual when quitting eating and drinking. Don't overeat, only add one new product every day.

Due to poor diet, it is not advisable to do a lot of physical exercise and use your favorite diet for strength training. They will arouse hunger, increase the risk of collapse, and may invalidate all efforts. Limit yourself to 15 minutes of gymnastics and one and a half hours of walking every morning.

In order to avoid weight gain again, please arrange fasting days every week and measure your weight regularly. If the indicator deviates from the specification, please make a digital correction immediately without delay. Otherwise, adding another three pounds may add another ten pounds, so carbonated beverages, mayonnaise and fried potatoes should be eliminated from the diet. Minimize consumption of baked goods and sweets.

Sample diet

Day 1

  • Breakfast-Kefir-200ml 1%;
  • Lunch-Unsalted Chicken Soup-200ml;
  • Afternoon tea-carrot juice-200ml;
  • Dinner-plain yogurt-150 ml.

Day 2

  • Breakfast-Tomatoes-2 slices;
  • Lunch-cabbage, vegetable, cucumber salad, seasoned with olive oil-250 grams;
  • Afternoon Tea-Beet-100g;
  • Dinner-Sweet Pepper and Cucumber Salad-150 grams.

Day 3

  • Breakfast-green tea or herbal tea (from common tansy, coltsfoot, birch leaves, presbyopia)-250ml;
  • The second breakfast-milk-200ml;
  • Lunch-Chicken Breast Broth-200ml;
  • Afternoon Tea-Freshly Squeezed Pumpkin Juice-200ml;
  • Dinner-Kefir 1%-200ml.

Day 4

  • Breakfast-2 slices of orange, 1 slice of kiwi;
  • The second breakfast-grapefruit-1 slice, kiwi-1 slice;
  • Lunch-200g pineapple, 1 apple, 1 kiwi salad;
  • Afternoon tea-¼ watermelon, apple-1 slice;
  • Dinner-1 piece of grapefruit, 1 piece of kiwi.

Day 5

  • Breakfast-boiled eggs-2;
  • The second breakfast-steamed lean fish (hake)-200 grams;
  • Lunch-boiled peas-100 grams, boiled chicken breast-150 grams;
  • Afternoon snack-low-fat cheese-100 grams;
  • Dinner-boiled shrimp-100 grams.

Day 6

  • Breakfast-Freshly squeezed carrot and pumpkin juice-200ml:
  • The second breakfast-kefir 1%-200ml;
  • Lunch-Chicken Soup-200ml;
  • Afternoon tea-green tea-250ml;
  • Dinner-herbal soup for mother and stepmother-200 ml.

Day 7

  • Breakfast-boiled eggs-2 slices, cucumber-1 slice;
  • The second breakfast-freshly squeezed grapefruit juice-200ml;
  • Lunch-chicken soup and vegetable puree soup-200 grams;
  • Afternoon tea-Kefir 1%-200ml or kiwi-2 slices;
  • Dinner-bell pepper, tomato, cabbage salad, sprinkle with lemon juice-200 grams, soft cheese -30 grams.

If you lose weight slowly, it is recommended that you complete 2 laps of your favorite diet for a total of 12 or 14 days.

Seven-day diet and weight loss marathon

The strict version of your favorite diet provides strict restrictions on the weight loss menu.

No. 1 and No. 2-Drinking Day

Allowed: water (2 liters per day), 0% kefir (1 liter per day).

3rd-Apple Day

Eat only fresh apples throughout the day. The allowable volume is 2 kg.

Drink water between fruits to neutralize acid. If necessary, you can use apples instead of oranges.

4, 5, 6-chicken days

You can only cook chicken fillets up to 6 times a day. Single serving-200 grams. Drink more water.

The seventh day-wine day

In the final stage, the diet includes low-fat cheese -30 grams and dry white wine-150 ml for morning, lunch and dinner.

If you need to continue to lose weight, please proceed to the second round (the next 7 days) according to the "reserve" option. Otherwise, you may damage the digestive system and "earn" gastritis.

No matter which diet you prefer ("strict" or "reserved"), it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes (capsules, tablets, pills) throughout the weight loss period. These drugs will help support the body during such a difficult period and fill up the nutritional deficiencies caused by the imbalanced diet. In addition, nutritionists have proven that vitamins can improve metabolic response and accelerate weight loss. Moreover, the complex nutrients will strengthen the immune system, enhance work ability, relieve discomfort, normalize mental mood, improve skin elasticity, soothe the nervous system, and relieve stretch marks, relaxation and relaxation.

The essential nutrients that the human body cannot tolerate in the diet include: ascorbic acid (C), cholecalciferol (D), tocopherol (E), retinol (A), B vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids (F), Magnesium. . .

The secret of how European nutritionists gain weight quickly

  1. Drink plenty of water between meals.
  2. Healthy lifestyle.
  3. Positive attitude.
  4. Three balanced meals.
  5. A group of physical exercises.
  6. Limit "junk" food.
  7. From red meat to poultry and fish.
  8. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  9. Avoid sugar, fried, fat, white flour products.
  10. Fortify your diet with whole grains and cereals.
  11. Avoid low-fat dairy products and choose products with low fat content (up to 5%).
  12. Don't overeating.
  13. Exercise regularly.
  14. Don't pounce on food.
  15. Don’t skip breakfast and don’t eat after 18. 00.
  16. The main meals are breakfast and lunch.
  17. Do not pickle food.
  18. Eat slowly from the small plate, don't swallow the plate.
  19. Schedule 1 to 2 fasting days a week.
  20. Do not eat fruit after a meal, because it will ferment.
  21. Weigh yourself systematically and measure your waist circumference.
  22. Quit bad habits.
  23. Train taste buds.
  24. The seaside promenade.
  25. The calorie content of the dishes should correspond to the rhythm of the day.
  26. Only keep healthy food in the refrigerator.
  27. Drink herbal tea that can improve metabolism.
  28. Don’t eat during the trip, only eat when you feel hungry
  29. The preferred cooking method is boiling, roasting or steaming.
  30. Diversified diet: Vegetables can be used not only to make salads, but also to make smoothies, mashed potatoes, casseroles, fat-burning cocktails, and green rolls.

In the fight against overweight, the most important thing is to understand that food is not the main content of life! Don't have any admiration for her. Need food to keep the body healthy, nothing more. Set priorities and define the main goals of life.


Favorite diet-a 7-day fasting day, designed to cleanse the body of toxins and deal with 6-10 kg. In addition, at the end of the "hunger attack", the stomach volume shrinks and the feeling of fullness becomes faster. Therefore, less food is needed to satisfy hunger.

Nutritionists recommend a gentle treatment of your favorite diet because it is easier to tolerate and is less invasive to the digestive system. Any changes in diet will put pressure on the body. The diet menu is usually unbalanced, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies. Undernutrition can exacerbate health, irritability, lethargy, apathy, and depression.

In order to maintain health and nutrition throughout the weight loss process and keep the body saturated, it is recommended to take vitamins and minerals.

Favorite diet-a combination of a low-calorie diet and an active lifestyle.

Daily morning exercises, long walks, healthy eight hours of sleep, positive emotions, adequate drinking and a correct attitude are the basic principles of the "burden reduction" method of weight loss. Your favorite diet is up to 14 days; you can only repeat the process after three months. Otherwise, you are at risk of harm to your health: causing the development of diseases of the digestive system and excretory system, causing skin, nail, and hair problems. Please consult your doctor before starting a diet and nutrition plan.