Fruits and vegetables used to make dietary juices

The diet is suitable for those who are looking for a fast and effective way to lose weight. Just like the paleo diet, it is simple in nature but relatively difficult to implement. You don't need to plan carefully, but you must reduce your desire for deliciousness. However, in addition to gaining weight, it can also bring health and confidence.

This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. This is not the case, because diet can cause solid food refusal for several weeks. A closed food tap is a good reason to discard ballast.

The particularity of diet

The essence of diet is that the body temporarily stops accepting solid foods. The main ingredient of the diet during eating is water. She is the basis of any dish. Only eat mushy dishes. The starving people’s diet includes broth, cereals, juices and fermented dairy products. And, of course, it starts with water-you need to drink plenty of water.

The effect of the diet is measurable-you can lose up to 5-10 kg in a week of semi-Spartan life.

The classic diet is a 30-day water marathon. But it is only suitable for the determined people, so there are more gentle options-7 days and 14 days.

The number of days is important, but the final number is relative. For those who do not want or cannot eat a week, no one will reduce hunger in one day. Short-term diet changes are useful for those who want to lose a few pounds quickly. For example, before vacation.

The number of days you eat and drink is not proportional to the number of pounds lost. The initial effect is. The efficiency will decrease over time. However, in general, eating habits cannot be separated from a certain degree of dependence-how many days you "stick", you can get a lot from this situation.

The benefits of eating habits

A slim figure is not the only benefit of drinking.

Diet benefits:

This girl is going on a diet to lose weight
  • The fat layer melts in front of our eyes; reducing the food intake that causes sediment to appear, which means that the body has no choice but to extract calories from fat reserves;
  • Completely clean the body-the function of the gastrointestinal tract is improved, the toxins disappear, the skin becomes clean, all kinds of rashes disappear, and there is a feeling of pleasure and lightness; the size of the stomach is reduced, so much food is no longer neededCan feel full;
  • Increased willpower and increased self-esteem; transitioning to "water" is not easy-it is logical for a person to feel stronger after a marathon; well, this in turn can only promote self-confidence.

Recall that in the classic version, the duration of the diet is one month. In the first 10 days, the hollow organs were cleaned. Brightness and energy appear. The side effect may be a white coating on the tongue.

The second decade is the renewal period of the kidney and liver. Sometimes this can cause some discomfort to the area. In the past decade, the human body has been renewed at the cellular level. In the absence of taboos and adherence to the system, the starving people appear slim in the finals. His skin became clear.

Eating hazards

Despite the benefits, diet is not for everyone. This is very radical and requires consultation with a doctor. No matter how healthy the body is, rejecting solid food will put the body under pressure. And there is always the risk of negative reactions to dietary changes.

Disadvantages of diet:

  • It is not always possible to maintain a balanced nutritional intake, which is full of systemic failure-you will suffer from gastritis, weakened immunity, anemia, etc.
  • may cause drowsiness and weakness, not frivolity: this is natural because the body lacks the ingredients to build internal balance;
  • There is a danger of incorrect eating: gastrointestinal problems can occur during the intermittent transition from such a load to solid food.
  • It takes a long time to quit the water diet-this takes twice as long as the diet itself;
  • After a period of "hydration", uncontrolled feeding will cause it to quickly return to its original weight;
  • It is necessary to give up physical activity or reduce the intensity of "physical education", because during this period the intensity becomes smaller and the body will not be able to absorb the extra energy expenditure.


Pregnant women avoid eating

Diet taboo:

  • Children and the elderly;
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women;
  • People with chronic diseases of the digestive tract and diseases of several other organs (liver, kidney, etc. );
  • Used for diabetes;
  • For people who are prone to swelling;
  • is ​​suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Before starting this diet, you must undergo a physical examination. If you have any symptoms of discomfort after eating, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Weight loss mechanism

The main trump card of this method is water. It helps to reduce hunger without gaining any calories. Moreover, if you add some high-calorie foods to plain water, it is easy to get a feeling of fullness without increasing the burden of ballast kilograms.

Water and food are well absorbed by the body. This prevents the body from absorbing fat. In addition, it has good absorption capacity and can activate metabolism-the key to fast weight loss. Some diets are related to dehydration. As far as we are concerned, there is no threat at all. Hungry people maintain water balance by drinking water and watery food. This usually not only has an effect on the body, but also has a positive effect on happiness.

Approved products

Such eating habits mean you will have to ignore solid foods for the time being. This does not mean you can drink whatever you want. It is necessary to refuse alcohol, fatty dairy products, coffee and cocoa, packaged fruit juices, any carbonated drinks. Fatty broth and foods containing glucose, vegetable oil and sugar should be excluded from the diet.

If you decide to follow a diet, the menu should include:

Diet mashed soup on diet diet menu
  • Drinking water (at least 1. 5 liters per day);
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juice-including fruit and vegetable mixture;
  • Lean broth; best homemade (beef, fish and chicken)-you should give up broth cubes and similar products; you can season with non-nutritive spices; filter before using broth-there are rules; you can'tCook soup on the bones;
  • Low-fat dairy products; ideally, the fat coefficient is not more than 1. 5-2%.
  • No jelly and candied fruit;
  • Fruit tea;
  • Nutritional puree soup.

Recommended drinks

I have already said some knowledge about diet. In addition to water, you can also use drinks, juices, jellies and jellies. It is recommended that you prepare everything yourself-it is important to understand the ingredients of the drink. Kisel and preserves should be cooked with fresh fruits, berries, and dried fruits. Diet will not destroy the jelly of oatmeal.

Any fruit juice can be used, including vegetable juice. But priority is given to drinks with apples and citrus fruits. Of the latter, grapefruit and orange juice work best. Hope the juice is freshly squeezed. No sugar!

Dietary principles and rules

Without pre-preparation, it is impossible to sit on such a diet. Switching to a regular diet is impossible and sudden. Both the entry and exit phases should proceed smoothly. Only when this condition is met, the body has time to adapt to changes.

Prepare the diet

A few days before switching to "water", you need to give up salty, sweet and flour foods. During the preparation phase, alcohol and carbonated beverages are not included in the diet. Two days before you start a diet, you need to start eating mainly soup, grains and fruits/vegetables. Lots of salads and natural juices. This will help the body rebuild and prepare for changes in the "food process".

Principles of water diet

Eating and drinking after drinking water involves many conditions. Where:

Diet menu includes low-fat milk
  • Temporarily but completely reject solid food; food only uses liquid ingredients, the most useful and nutritious ingredients are the ingredients that may be used in the diet;
  • Reduced physical activity; "hungry" diet is associated with a temporary decline in tone, so it is necessary to calculate the body's load-in this case, it is not easy to replenish strength;
  • Change to a partial diet-it is recommended to eat a small amount 4-5 times a day;
  • The lack of nutrients must be compensated by taking in mineral and vitamin complexes and fish oil.
  • Stool observation: If it is a side effect of constipation, the use of laxatives may make sense; you need to go to the toilet at least once a day;
  • The maximum diet period is -30 days; do not follow the will of an iron fist and arrange a longer "race"; it is recommended to repeat the diet no more than once a year; but at the same time, you can receive additional short-term diet during the year.

Give up eating

Properly abstaining from alcohol is the key to maintaining results and health. A sudden transition to a regular diet is likely to lead to rapid recovery of excess weight. The body does not benefit from jumping from one state to another. The digestive system has a great risk of malfunction.

For these reasons, it is important to return to the original diet steadily. The basic principle is that the withdrawal period should be twice as long as the diet itself. After losing weight for one month, it will take two months to recover. Do you have a week of treatment? You will need to get rid of two of them.

Gradually withdraw from the diet with the number of drinking days? Let's look at an example of the most popular operation interval.

Withdraw from the 30-day course

Two months is enough to adapt the organism to the previous cooking reality. For months, you don’t need to remember fat, spicy and salty taste. New products are introduced into the menu every once in a while so that the original diet can be fully restored before the end of the semester. Throughout this period, you should maintain the water balance prescribed in your diet-continue to drink at least 1. 5 liters of water per day.

About two months of exit plan:

Week Diet
1 Oatmeal has been added to the breakfast diet
2 Cheese sandwiches and boiled eggs have been added to the menu
3 The diet adds fresh vegetables and fruits
4 Fish and poultry, vegetable salad back to the menu
5+ Time to return to the normal menu. Don't forget to exclude fat, spicy, fried and salty flavors. It is recommended that you schedule fasting days regularly.

Withdraw from the 14-day course

It will take a month to drink a 14-day diet. New products are introduced to the menu every 2 days. On the first day of diet, add liquid oatmeal to your diet. Eat at breakfast. The rest of the meals are mainly liquid foods. Gradually follow the indicated time intervals and add fish, meat and chicken broth (without salt), fresh berries and fruits, water stews and cooked vegetables to the menu.

It is recommended to start supplementing the diet with protein foods within two weeks after the start of the withdrawal phase.

Quit the 7-day course

You should drink 14-15 days a week. The withdrawal principle is similar, only in this case, the menu will be replenished with solid products every 1-2 days. Food must be chewed very thoroughly until it becomes liquid. This reduces the pressure on the gastrointestinal tract and makes it painless to withdraw from the diet.

It is recommended to ensure that fruits and vegetables are not too sour or too sweet. Among other things, it is recommended to leave foods containing a lot of starch and complex carbohydrates last. The human body spends too much energy to digest such foods.

The physical aspect is superimposed on the psychological aspect. "Thank you" weakness, you can get rid of the diet and complete the plan ahead of time. And at the same time "pick up" what they have discarded. To prevent this from happening, you need to motivate yourself. For this reason, it is best to remember the rewards that diet will bring.

Menu 7 days

A 7-day diet is no different from a long-term diet. It is recommended to change the ingredients every day. This will enable the body to receive various nutrients.

An example of a 7-day diet menu might look like this:

days Menu
1 Low-fat dairy products-yogurt, kefir, milk
2 Soup, meat and vegetable soup
3 Juice (always fresh)
4 Various fruit tea options
5 Fruit jelly
6 Fruit and berry preserves
7 Oatmeal

This is a difficult choice. But it works-most of the menu is for drinking water. The latter is the default value, and its daily amount has already been mentioned. In order to avoid swelling, it is recommended not to drink alcohol before going to bed.

Less demanding options include adding more "filled" foods. In this case, it is recommended to add vegetable puree soup to the daily diet.

Diet results and feedback

The main motivation for sticking to the diet is the result before and after. Before one person has experienced the effectiveness of the program, the main reason for the success of others is the use of loopholes. And there is success. And quite.

The advantage of this program is that there is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of the drinking diet-the reviews and results are based on the simplest principles. If the body's fat is reduced, it will definitely exhaust the previously stored fat.

The main problem with diet is the rigidity of diet. The key to marathon exercise is to believe in the effectiveness of diet. Therefore, taking into account the achievements of others, it is best to eat short-term to strengthen physical strength. Following the set rule for a week will save you a few kilos. With this, in the future, you can already enter the classic 30-day period.

Better, lose weight together. Judging from the comments, many people just do this-they are looking for unfortunate friends. Sometimes, friendly support is more than just your own determination. Again, you should not ignore medical advice. Along with body fat, you may also lose health. You can achieve your goals in many ways, and a water diet is just one of them.